Anything that you do repetitively on the keyboard or even a sequence that requires just a few steps could be performed with a macro to save you time. The possibilities are limitless. Read how others are using Macro Express or look through the following list of potential uses.

  • Want to Insert Today's Date into any document? How about yesterday's or tomorrow's date? Not a problem. Assign a date (today's, a week ago, etc.) available in dozens of formats to a macro.

  • Would you like to automate your email responses? Create macros for standard greetings, email taglines, price quotes, customer support and so much more!

  • Do you find yourself typing the same thing over and over? Create macros for your most commonly used text--names, addresses, web sites, letterhead, boilerplate for legal, medical, real estate and more.

  • Launch Web Sites or initiate FTP transfers with the touch of a key! Download the latest version of a file.

  • Launch a program with a macro. Or have the macro launch 4 programs at once. Or launch a program and start issuing commands directly to the program.

  • Want to copy and paste multiple times between 2 programs? Macro Express can handle the job.

  • Set up hot keys or functions keys to perform common functions in your programs

  • Want to place symbols and special characters such as ® £ ‰ ¢ ™ in your documents with ease? Assign them to a macro.

  • Want to place international characters and punctuation such as á ü ñ Ö ¿ into your documents with ease? Assign them to a macro.

  • Would you like to do an email run, a backup or run any other program unattended? Schedule a macro to run your programs when you want them run.

  • Would you like to shut down a given program (or sets of programs) with just one key? Macro Express can shut down programs or close a given window.

  • Want to minimize or maximize the top most Window? Do so with just the press of a key. Or setup a macro to minimize or maximize any specific window.

  • Need an easy way to clean up unwanted files? Macro Express macros can delete, copy and rename files.

  • Do you need to repeat a process and save out a file with a different name each time? Program a macro to repeat your process as many times as you like. Include a "repeat counter" which can be used to create a unique file name.

  • Do you have a need to resize or reposition windows on your computer? With a touch of a key, any number of Windows can be resized and positioned on the screen.

  • Would you like to connect to a network drive by hitting a key? You can disconnect or toggle between connection and disconnection too. Avoid the Network Neighborhood.

  • Would you like to select a default printer with a keystroke? Switch between color and non color printers or maintain printer preferences among multiple users.

  • Would you like to change the display resolution with one key? Maintain multiple settings for laptop and desktop or check out your HTML in all resolutions.

  • Undock your computer from a docking station by pressing a hot key.

  • Do you need to go directly to your startup folder? How about the Desktop, Fonts, My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Printers, User Documents or many other folders? A hot key can take you right there!

  • Would you like to reboot or logoff with the touch of a key?

  • Create macros as reminders to popup messages at the time intervals you desire.

  • While browsing the web, copy something to the clipboard and with the press of a hot key send it via email to a friend or a whole group of associates.

  • Would you like to process the entire or partial contents of an ASCII Delimited Text File?

Macro Express runs on Windows.



Some of the features to create and run macros.

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