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One of the primary purposes of computers is to simplify and make our lives and jobs easier. They can and do. However, what if we could simplify our use of the computer and alleviate tedious computer tasks? We would of course be even more productive!

Read how other customers are saving time with Macro Express.

Do you find yourself typing the same thing over and over? Create macros for your most commonly used text--names, addresses, web sites, letterhead, boilerplate for legal, medical, real estate and more.

"Your program has allowed me not only to increase sales revenue and move our company's ability to processes orders & improve database entry, but has also removed hundreds of wasted man-hours per month, and has allowed me to run up through the ranks of my company with each major success! Truly an AMAZING piece of code, and the minimum times I've needed complex support, you've been there each and every time with a helpful, professional staff. Thank you, with tremendous gratitude." -- Walter S., Ontario, Canada

"It's the best thing I've used. Thanks to your software, I got a hundred and fifty dollar bonus last month and anticipate a $200 productivity bonus monthly." -- James L., Utah

Would you like to do a backup or run a program unattended? Schedule a macro to run your programs when you want them run.

"It might be said that I am very, very happy about this program. It saves me a lot of time in doing things again and again and again. Yesterday I drunk coffee while your program performed 50 times a change in the database in different debtors." -- A. K., The Netherlands

Would you like to automate your email responses? Create macros for standard greetings, email taglines, price quotes, customer support and so much more!

"Ever since we have started using Macro Express in our customer service department we have seen a marked increase in speed and efficiency in our workers. With the use of Macro Express we have increased our email turnaround times by up to 40% on the busiest of days. I don't know how we ever got by without it." -- Trevor M., California

Do you need to copy and paste between different programs? Use Macro Express to automate the process.

"We save over 1,100 hours a month using Macro Express. Our company uses Macro Express extensively. One macro alone is used 33,000 times per month. Each time this macro is used, it saves our customer service representative 2 minutes." -- Name and company withheld upon request

What about that big data migration project? Macro Express can handle the job.

"Your product saved many man-hours of work and tens of thousands of dollars for the one project we used it with so far." -- Jeff J., Canada

Do you need to be more productive? Macro Express is the key.

"It's the best thing I've used. Thanks to your software, I got a hundred and fifty dollar bonus last month and anticipate a $200 productivity bonus monthly." -- James L., Utah

"Saves me 15 hours a week. I am thrilled to death. Biggest bargain on the net." -- Gary R., Ohio

"Macro Express is saving our organization $1000's in overtime! Not to mention our employees are now able to spend time with families/interests rather than work." --Kim F., Kansas

Read more customer comments. Or, start being more productive now and download Macro Express!

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