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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Added delay between key down and up along with a preference to enable or disable it.
  2. Adjusted internal delays to make typing text more reliable.
  3. It is now possible to set the starting folder used by the 'Variable Set String Prompt for a foldername' command by setting the destination variable to the starting folder.
  4. Added 'Enhanced Wildcard Window Search' option.
  5. Improved matching window titles when using wildcards in the Window Activate and other similar commands.
  6. Added the option 'Delete temporary external script file'. Turn this off to aid in debugging by keeping the temporary script file created when the External Script command runs.
  7. The Write Registry Value command will now report a problem if the permissions do not allow the value to be written.
  8. The Create Registry Key command will no longer cause a crash if the permissions do not allow the key to be created.
  9. Added 'The Process Could Not Be Terminated' to the 'On Error' tab of the Terminate Process command.
  10. Search now works when Favorite Commands or Code Snippets is selected.
  11. Updated samples.mex to add Welcome to Macro Express dialog, add a macro to Disable or Enable the Menu of Sample Macros and other improvements.
  12. Samples.mex file is copied to the user's My Documents\Insight Software folder unless the RUNQUIET Advanced Installation option is used.
  13. Updated the Quick Start Guide
  14. Updated the Help
  15. The 'Open Folder in Explorer to' and 'Open Folder to' commands now correctly support the 'The path does not exist' error handler.
  16. Added UAC message when 'Save settings as defaults for all users'.
  17. The Top, Left, Height, Width and Monitor fields in the Multiple Choice Menu command no longer accept absurdly large values.
  18. Auto Restore Hooks and clicking on Restore Keyboard and Mouse Hooks now also restores the CBT hook.

  19. Bugs Fixed

  20. Fixed a problem that occurred where if a macro file was temporarily unavailable when Macro Express Pro Explorer was loaded, a new file with 0 bytes was created.
  21. Fixed a problem that caused the preferences and the list of macro files to be loaded to be corrupted after certain types of crashes.
  22. Fixed an issue where the program would not completely shut down when certain types of crashes occurred. When this happened the only way to completely close the program was via Task Manager.
  23. Fixed a problem that caused a ClosePref warning message to appear.
  24. Other programs no longer freeze up while the license dialog is displayed after being launched from the player.
  25. The program now displays a warning message instead of crashing when a macro file is locked by another process and cannot be opened or accessed. The user is given the opportunity to choose a different macro file.
  26. The Explorer, Script Editor and Menu Builder now display an error when a macro file is inaccessible instead of crashing.
  27. Made a change to the Ping and If Ping Successful commands to ensure the timeout is a minimum of 1 second.
  28. Fixed an issue that caused the 'Log Errors' and 'Log Messages' commands to occasionally fail with a warning message.
  29. Made a change so errors in the 'Audio Volume' and 'Audio Mute' commands halt the macro instead of crashing the program.
  30. Fixed a problem when using Replace in the Script Editor.
  31. Fixed an issue that could occur when launching another program.
  32. Fixed a problem with the "Don't process embedded variables" option in the "Variable Modify String: Replace" and "Variable Modify String - Append Text String Variable" commands.
  33. Clicking Reset Page in Appearance preferences resets 'Show full path in the MRU list' to the default value.
  34. Removed the 'Start the Macro Explorer minimized' selection from Options, Preferences, Startup.
  35. Fixed a problem that would occur if a timed Text Box Display command was automatically closed while a macro error dialog was displayed.
  36. Attempting to drag a macro to the System Category will no longer cause a crash.
  37. Fixed the cause of a crash that occurred when capturing a macro.
  38. Fixed a crash that would occur if the <ALT> <Left Arrow> keys were pressed when the Code Snippets were displayed.
  39. Made a change to avoid a crash when closing the program.

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