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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Added ability to hold a key down or up.
  2. Made a change to help shortkeys activate better when using the Use Suffix option.
  3. Added the 'Do not process embedded variables' option to the 'FTP Site Connect', 'if Ping Successful', 'Ping Site', 'Web FTP Site' and 'Web Site' commands.
  4. The If Message command now accepts Y or N, O or C, and T or F keystrokes as appropriate to select the correct button.
  5. Enhanced the Alt-Key Sequence feature to allow entry of Alt Key Codes using hexadecimal values. This allows Unicode characters to be typed.
  6. Enhanced the Alt-Key Sequence feature to support the legacy method to enter Alt Key Codes.
  7. Export Program Configuration now exports preferences from HKLM even when the program is not running with elevated privileges (administrator mode).
  8. Added Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 to the 'Get OS Version String' and 'If OS Version' commands.
  9. The Mouse Locator now displays the pixel color in separate values for Red, Green and Blue.
  10. The Mouse Locator now displays the hexadecimal value of the pixel color in BGR format instead of RGB to match what is normally used by programs that accept hexadecimal values for colors.
  11. Pressing Ctrl-C in the Mouse Locator now copies the Screen Position and color values to the clipboard.
  12. Made a change to the Mouse Locator to eliminate a problem where the pixel color could flicker on and off even if the mouse is not being moved.
  13. Made a change to the Mouse Locator so the values displayed for the Pixel Color are updated if the color under the mouse changes even if the mouse does not move.
  14. The filepath is now displayed in the error message when a file is not found in several commands.
  15. Updated macros in samples.mex to be compatible with newer versions of Windows, to be more reliable, added new sample macros along with new Macro Express Pro helper macros.
  16. Added an option to show the full filepath for the Most Recently Used macro file list.
  17. The Script Editor's Insert mode now defaults to 'Insert Command After Selected'.
  18. Enhanced the CONFIGFILEPATH Advanced Installation option to allow the path to be surrounded by "s.
  19. A filename without a path is now allowed in the CONFIGFILEPATH Advanced Installation option. If the path is left off the file is assumed to be in the folder where the installation program is running.
  20. A more descriptive warning is displayed if a license for the portable version is entered into the standard version of the program and vice versa.
  21. The About box now shows Macro Express Pro Portable when appropriate.
  22. Added a registry only option that allows selection of Solitary Usage for shortkey macros when the Use Suffix option is selected.

  23. Bugs Fixed

  24. Fixed a problem where some housekeeping tasks that should only occur once were performed repeatedly if the license was entered via the advanced installation options.
  25. Fixed problems with monthly Scheduled macros.
  26. Made a change to improve the reliability running a scheduled macro set to run when the computer is idle.
  27. A change was made to fix a problem that would cause Windows to slow down when certain programs were running along with Macro Express Pro.
  28. Fixed Text Type of the <NUMENTER> key.
  29. Fixed a problem where a floating menu with 'Don't allow menu to be closed' would keep Windows from shutting down.
  30. Fixed a problem where Quick Wizard macros were not always being saved to the highlighted macro file.
  31. Made a change to fix a problem where scheduled macros were not displaying am/pm or 24 hour clock.
  32. The Variable Modify String Strip CR/LF command will now evaluate something like %Temp[%C%]% correctly.
  33. Fixed a problem in the Multiple Choice Menu command dialog where clicking on the Sizer button would blank out the columns value.
  34. Fixed a problem with the Multiple Choice Menu dialog sizer where each time the sizer was clicked the height and width increased.
  35. Fixed a problem in the 'Email Send' command where the Subject was blanked out when using the 'Send the text contained in the clipboard' option.
  36. Fixed a problem where Ctrl+A would terminate a macro capture when a Ctrl+Alt+X was used to start the capture. It now requires Ctrl+Alt+X to terminate the capture.
  37. The 'Variable Set From File: Set to the Size of a File' now returns a correct value for very large files.
  38. The 'FTP Get Filesize' now returns a correct value for very large files.
  39. Fixed a problem with the 'Use the search path' option of the 'If File Exists' command when the Path environment variable was longer than 1000 bytes.
  40. Fixed a problem that could occur when displaying the help if the Path environment variable was longer than 999 bytes.
  41. When exporting to a playable macro characters in the Macro Nickname that are not allowed as part of a filename are removed from the default filename.
  42. The first macro file is highlighted in the Macro Express Explorer window instead of System Macros when the program is initially installed.
  43. File, Import is now disabled when the System Macros category is highlighted.
  44. Fixed a problem with the Variable Modify Date/Time command that occurred when subtracting Hours.
  45. The File, Export, Output Macro Information option is no longer disabled when multiple files are selected.
  46. Fixed a problem where the horizontal scroll bar for Categories would disappear after closing a macro file.
  47. Made a change to the loading of the Quick Start Guide for new users.
  48. Fixed a problem where the list of macros would get confused after Run Macro Now.
  49. Fixed a problem that could cause a problem with the LICENSENAME and LICENSECODE advanced installation options.
  50. Fixed a problem that could cause crashes at random times.
  51. Fixed a crash that occurred when entering a Multiple Choice Menu command with columns set to 3 and click the Set Position Manually button.
  52. Fixed a crash that would occur if the 'Date/Time: Set to an adjusted date/time' command tried to set the month or year to 0.
  53. Added error handling to backup routines to prevent a crash.
  54. The program now warns instead of crashing if an attempt is made to open a macro file that is zero bytes in length or smaller than the minimum of 60 bytes.
  55. Starting a macro Capture before a prior capture has finished will no longer cause a crash.
  56. Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting commands in the Script Editor.
  57. Fixed a crash that would occur if the Script Editor was closed while the debugger was running a macro and the Variable Set from Prompt command dialog was displayed.
  58. Made a change to prevent a crash in the Menu Builder that could occur when saving a newly created menu.

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