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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Added horizontal scrollbars to the attachments field in the 'Email Send' command.
  2. Removed the full file paths, leaving just the filename, in the 'File > Reopen' menu.
  3. Added 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' to the 'Wait for Keypress' command.
  4. Added 'Enter' as a functional hotkey.
  5. Added a 'Window Move and Size' command that will move and size a window in a single command.
  6. Added an option to the 'Window Title' scope to include or exclude hidden windows from the scope test.
  7. When using the 'Run Macro In Variable' command, the user can enter \c, followed by a two-digit hexadecimal code, which will be converted to the appropriate ASCII character.

  8. Bugs Fixed

  9. Fixed a bug in the 'Web Site' command where the command would not exit if the 'Wait for Web Page' option was selected.
  10. Fixed a bug in the 'Terminate Process' command where it could not close processes that contained the full file path.
  11. Modified the code that displays a dialog in a running macro in an attempt to make it less likely to stall.
  12. Made a change to the 'Terminate Process' command to make it more reliable.
  13. Fixed a bug in the 'Join String' command where joining a string which contains a '%' symbol caused an unknown variable error.
  14. When using the 'Macro Run' command to run a popup menu, the 'Wait for this macro to terminate' option will be ignored.
  15. Removed ... from Backup Macro File(s) in the File manu.
  16. Fixed a lockup that occurred when enabling a floating menu from the 'Macro Enable' command.
  17. The 'Variable Set String from the clipboard contents' command no longer evaluates variable names that happen to be in the clipboard.
  18. Fixed a bug where the 'Variables Value' debug window would occasionally display blank variables with leading '$' and trailing '%' symbols when using the ASCII File Begin Process command.
  19. Fixed a bug where all macros would be stopped when closing the script editor.
  20. Fixed a bug in the Text Box display command where long strings would cause the richtext formatting code to appear.
  21. Fixed a bug where the list of keys would still be visible when switching from the direct editor to the script editor.
  22. Fixed a bug where the program could stall when launching a hotkey macro while another macro is running.
  23. Fixed a bug where, when using a dialog command such as 'Pause', the option to change the focus did not always work properly.
  24. Fixed a bug where adjusting the schedule for a scheduled macro from the 'Macro Properties' dialog did not always allow the macro to run properly.
  25. Fixed a bug in the 'Variable Set String: Prompt for Filename' where, if the destination variable contained an invalid filename character, the dialog would automatically be cancelled.
  26. Fixed a bug where the caps lock state was not being restored after a macro completed.
  27. Fixed a bug where the commands to toggle specific keys (such as CAPs Lock) was not alway accurate.
  28. Fixed a bug where the 'Macro Enable/Disable' commands would not update popup menu system tray icons correctly.
  29. Fixed a bug where the 'Lock Player' command did not always lock out a window title activated macro.

  30. Crashes Fixed

  31. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the 'If Mouse Cursor' command converted from Macro 3.
  32. Fixed a crash that occurred when a macro changes the state of the running system tray icon.
  33. Fixed a crash that occurred when the explorer updated the last run times.
  34. Fixed a crash that would occur when a macro incorrectly finishes.
  35. Fixed a crash in the debugger that occurred when an error was detected in a macro called by a 'Macro Run' command.
  36. Fixed a crash that occurred when completing a capture.
  37. Fixed a crash that occurred when aborting a macro that was in the middle of a 'ASCII File Begin/End' loop.
  38. Fixed a crash that could occur when using the 'Wait for Text' command.
  39. Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when rendering the script in the script editor.
  40. Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to open a macro file located in a write-protected directory.
  41. Fixed the cause of a 'File Access Denied' crash that could occur when trying to backup a file.
  42. Fixed a crash that would occur when the user selects a file in the editor that has been deleted or moved while still open in the program.
  43. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the 'Variable Restore' command to restore an array of strings that did not exist in the macro.

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