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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Optimized the text variables.
  2. Modified the 'Pack' function to remove all corrupted macros in a file.
  3. The file paths for Snippets and Favorites can now be changed in the File Paths preferences panel.
  4. Improved the macro file backup routines and changed the backup preferences.
  5. Added the Restore Macro File menu option.
  6. The crash report path may now include environment variables like %TEMP%.
  7. Improved the installation program.
  8. Added the ability to use text variables in the username and password fields in the 'Network Connect' command.
  9. Added an option to the 'Debug' menu in the script editor to save the macro before a test run.
  10. Made a change to facilitate the shutdown of the program when shutting down Windows.
  11. Pressing F1 in the Macro Properties dialog now displays the appropriate help topic.

  12. Bugs Fixed

  13. Fixed some problems with the clipboard interface.
  14. Fixed an I/O Error 32 that could occur when both the player and the editor are accessing a macro file simultaneously.
  15. Fixed a bug in the 'Text Box Display' command where the rich text was not always parsed out properly.
  16. Fixed a bug in the Direct Editor where the 'Keys' tab at the bottom of the editor was blank.
  17. Fixed a bug where importing a playable macro to an activation other than a hotkey would fail and corrupt the macro file.
  18. Fixed a bug with the 'Copy Command Text' function which caused several window commands to be incorrectly copied.
  19. Fixed a bug where a newly created macro could have a password assigned before the user had actually assigned one.
  20. Fixed a bug in the 'Variable Modify String: Save to Clipboard' where it would throw an error if there were multiple '%' symbols in the text.
  21. Fixed a bug in the 'Get Control' command where the class and title would be swapped when using the 'Save Control Using Text Method' option was used.
  22. Made a change to help with the random lockups of the computer caused by Macro Express.
  23. Fixed a bug that made the 'Clipboard Copy' command less reliable.
  24. Fixed a bug where the 'Close Macro File' command would not close a file properly if the file contained at least one active floating menu.
  25. Adjusted what columns are visible in the Recycle Bin view.
  26. Fixed the sorting of the Activation and Scope columns in the Recycle Bin.
  27. Removed the 'Information' pane in the Recycle Bin.
  28. Fixed searching in the Recycle Bin.
  29. Fixed a bug in the 'Wait for KeyPress' and 'Wait for Text Playback' commands where they frequently would not execute correctly.
  30. Fixed a bug in the 'Text Box Display' command where inserting a space in the name of an existing variable could cause the macro to lock up.
  31. Fixed an 'undefined variable' error in the 'Split String' command. Instead, an 'Array is too small' error will be displayed in its place.
  32. Fixed a conversion issue where some text would be converted into a variable when no variable was specified.
  33. Fixed a bug where the clipboard text was not always set correctly.
  34. Fixed a bug where opening a popup or floating menu while the menu builder is minimized didn't restore the window.
  35. Fixed a bug in the script editor where the 'Delete Command(s)' button would be disabled if multiple lines were selected.
  36. Fixed a lockup that occurred when using more than 42 items in a text-based popup or floating menu.

  37. Crashes Fixed

  38. Fixed a crash in the 'Variable Save' and 'Variable Restore' commands.
  39. Fixed a crash that occurred when loading data record out of the macro file.
  40. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the 'Search' box in the script editor.
  41. Fixed a crash that occurred when using a 'Wait...' command as the last command in a macro.
  42. Fixed a crash that could occur after capturing a macro.
  43. Fixed a crash that could occur when executing any of the 'Wait...' commands.
  44. Fixed a crash that occurred when left clicking on the system tray icon.
  45. Fixed a crash that occurred when debugging a macro.
  46. Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a macro into the script editor.
  47. Fixed a crash that occurred when executing the 'Play Quick Capture' system macro when no quick capture has occurred.

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