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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Reimplemented the filter on the debug variable pane.
  2. Code Snippets now support inline comments.
  3. Made a change to keep the commands panel in the script editor from being sized too small.
  4. Added 'Explorer' to the 'Recycle Bin' menu in the explorer.
  5. Added 'Recycle Bin', 'Capture Macro' and 'Quick Wizards' to the 'Macro' menu in the explorer.
  6. When using the logging feature, any 'Macro Start' and 'Macro Completed' messages will contain the name of the macro at the end of the line.
  7. Added an option to wait for the cursor to simply change.
  8. When duplicating commands, the new commands are kept highlighted.
  9. Added an option to disable the clipboard hook.
  10. The 'Post Message' command will now accept handle variables.

  11. Bugs Fixed

  12. Fixed a problem where the Quick Start Guide was coming up when it shouldn't.
  13. Fixed a bug where the program would not accept decimal points other than '.'.
  14. Fixed a bug where embedded variables like %T[%N[1]%]% did not always get evaluated correctly.
  15. Fixed a bug in the 'ASCII File Begin Process' command where the variables were not erased properly.
  16. Fixed a problem where disabling a case statement broke the entire Switch/End Switch block.
  17. Fixed a bug where the 'Variable Set String: Get From Window Title' would always return 'M' when stepping through the macro.
  18. Made a change to add a small delay when launching macros from menus in order to give them time to clear and return focus to the previous window before launching the macro.
  19. When using Ctrl+Z to undo a delete of a disabled command, the command is restored as disabled.
  20. Made a change to the ShortKey file conversion so that it doesn't add the clipboard commands to the macro.
  21. Fixed a conversion error in the 'Timed Delay' command.
  22. Fixed a problem when the mouse was set for left-handed use.
  23. Fixed a conversion error in the 'Get Control' command.
  24. Fixed a conversion error in the 'Window Resize' command.
  25. Made a change to clean up the area beneath the last command in the script editor.
  26. Fixed a problem with the indenting in the script editor.
  27. Fixed a bug where variables would be created automatically if you selected 'No' to the prompt about creating variables automatically.
  28. Fixed a bug in the 'Window Title Activation' where edit boxes, buttons, etc. could fire off the activation.
  29. Fixed a bug where importing ShortKeys and Keyboard Express files would cause the program to hang.
  30. Rewrote the 'Variable Set String: Prompt for filename' command such that it will use the builtin browse dialog instead of our custom-built dialog.
  31. Fixed a bug where the 'Variable Set String: Prompt for filename' would not halt the macro if the dialog was cancelled.
  32. Fixed the sorting in the left-pane of the menu builder.
  33. Fixed a bug where, if a hotkey macro was running, then the same hotkey sequence would not work within the macro. For example, if I launch a macro with Ctrl+C, then any Ctrl+C sequences that the macro plays back would do nothing. This has been fixed.
  34. Made the 'timeout' scheduled macros more accurate.
  35. Fixed a bug in the 'Text Type' command where carriage returns were not always handled correctly.
  36. Fixed the 'Web Site' command so that the 'wait' feature will abort if it is being used with any web browser other than Internet Explorer.
  37. Fixed a conversion error in the 'Wait for Keypress' command.
  38. Fixed a bug with the 'Global Except' scope.
  39. Fixed a conversion error in the 'Mouse' activations where the part to click on was not correctly selected.
  40. Fixed a bug in the 'Repeat Prompt Start' command where an error would be displayed if no variable was selected if the option to store the repeat counter was not selected.
  41. The 'Web Site' command can now be aborted when using the 'wait for webpage to load' option.
  42. Fixed a typo in the 'Text File Begin Process' command.
  43. Fixed a conversion issue where 'Global Except' scopes were converted to 'If the program is running' rather than 'If the program is on top'.

  44. Crashes Fixed

  45. Fixed a bug where the 'Macro Run' command, when used in a playable macro, would close the only open file, causing a crash.
  46. Fixed a crash that occurred when launching the 'Web Site' command with the 'Use Internet Explorer' option selected.
  47. Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the 'Activation' dialog.
  48. Fixed a crash that occurred when unindenting a submenu that contains multiple items.
  49. Fixed a crash that could occur when printing the list of macros.
  50. Fixed a crash that occurred when using a system macro in the 'Macro Run' command.
  51. Fixed a crash that occurred when converting the 'Wait for Mouse Cursor' command.

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