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Macro Express Pro v


  1. Added the 'Configure Bug Reporter' to the Option menu.
  2. Updated the icon for the Macro Express category of commands.
  3. The 'Wait for File to Exist' and 'If File Exists' commands now support wildcards.
  4. When using the 'Copy Command Text' menu option, inline comments are now copied as well.

  5. Bugs Fixed

  6. Fixed a conversion issue with popup menus. If the menu was a "Windows Default" style, it will now display under the mouse.
  7. Fixed a conversion issue in the "If Message" command.
  8. Fixed a bug where separators in a submenu of a Windows Default style menu were not created correctly.
  9. When browsing for a new log file in the "Log Message" command, the "overwrite prompt" is no longer displayed.
  10. When using the system tray icon to display a popup menu, the appropriate coordinates will continue to be used.
  11. Fixed a problem in the menu builder which would generate duplicate shortkey warnings when saving a menu.
  12. Removed the ability to copy popup and floating menus.
  13. Reduced the number of times a window is queried for its title when using the "Test Run" functionality.
  14. Fixed the 'Show the quick start guide' option in the Startup panel of the preferences.
  15. Fixed a conversion error in the "Modify Decimal: Copy Value" command.
  16. Made a change to make the "Clipboard Text" activation more reliable.
  17. Made a change to the "Window Title" activation to make it more reliable.
  18. Renamed the "Key" and "Value" fields in the "Set String" and "Modify Strings" commands (in relation to the INI options) to "Section" and "Key" in order to match Macro Express 3.
  19. Fixed a bug in the "Launch Program and Activate Window" where the window title field was not expanding variables.
  20. Fixed a bug in the 'Website' command where % symbols in a URL caused an 'Invalid Variable' error.
  21. Fixed a bug where the Text Type command did not play back text through the clipboard reliably.
  22. Fixed a conversion error in the 'Variable Set String: Set From INI File' command.
  23. Fixed a bug where the 'Variables Value' tab in the debugger pane was not always updated correctly.
  24. Fixed a bug where some dialogs would open offscreen, beyond the extent of all available monitors.
  25. Fixed a conversion error where some disabled commands were converted as enabled.
  26. When adding activations to an existing macro, the F1 key now displays the help topic.
  27. Fixed the F1 key in the editor tabs. Now the correct help topic is displayed for which tab you're viewing.
  28. Fixed a bug where the 'Menu of Macros for Topmost Window' did not display the first part of the macro when that option is selected.
  29. When setting the text or background color in the script editor the other color is no longer affected unless explicitly set.
  30. Fixed a bug where window titles greater than 99 characters were cut off.
  31. The column ordering and grouping in the 'Insert Variable' dialog are now remembered.
  32. Fixed a bug where floating menus were disabled when the file that contained the menus was closed.
  33. Removed some keyboard accelerators due to too many conflicts.
  34. Fixed a bug where multiple wait commands that were next to each other were combined with 'or' commands if no 'and', 'or' or 'xor' commands were specified.
  35. If an error is encountered when running a playable macro, the error dialog now displays the filename of the macro, rather than leaving the name blank.
  36. Fixed a bug where exported playable macros could not use the 'Macro Run' command.
  37. Fixed a bug where hotkey macros would not activate in Internet Explorer 7 on Vista when protected internet mode was turned on.
  38. Made a change to allow punctuation characters to be entered as a part of a shortkey activation.
  39. Fixed a bug where multiple 'Wait for Text' commands would not be processed correctly.
  40. Fixed a bug where the 'If Not Window' command would return false positives.
  41. Fixed a conversion error in the 'Variable Modify Decimal: Copy' command where the variables were transposed.
  42. Fixed a bug that displayed an 'Invalid Variable' error when a text string contained '%' symbols.
  43. Fixed a bug where swapped mouse buttons didn't work correctly.
  44. Fixed a bug where passwords from ME3 macros were imported when they weren't enabled.
  45. Made a change so that the program will not start playing back a shortkey until all of the modifiers are released.
  46. Fixed a bug in the variables prompts where the OK button was initially disabled.
  47. Made a change to help the import dialog come up above the explorer.
  48. Crashes Fixed

  49. Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a macro into the script editor.
  50. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when terminating a macro.
  51. Fixed a crash that occurred when executing the 'Dial-Up Networking' command.
  52. Fixed a crash that occurred when editing a system macro.
  53. Fixed a crash that occurred when closing a macro file that contains open floating menus.
  54. Fixed a crash that occurred when reading some icon files.
  55. Fixed a crash that occurred when using a 'Mouse Button Up' command without a corresponding 'Mouse Button Down' command.
  56. Fixed a crash that occurred when double-clicking on a macro in the right-side pane in the menu builder.
  57. Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the sort column in the macro explorer.
  58. Fixed a crash that occurred when dragging and dropping system macros.
  59. Fixed a crash that occurred when importing Macro Express Pro macros.
  60. Fixed a crash that occurred when creating a new category.

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