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Macro Express Pro v

The next generation - Macro Express Pro

Macro Express Pro has a modernized look and many new and improved features. This list highlights some of the most exciting changes.
  1. Run more than one macro at the same time

    Now start a second (or third) macro while the first macro is still running. The macros will play back simultaneously.

  2. Script Editor enhancements

    The Script Editor allows more than one macro script to be open at the same time. This makes it easier to copy sections from one macro to another.

    Now change the color of the text on individual lines in the script or highlight the field a specific color to help find particular lines of code.

    Save blocks of code as snippets that can be easily inserted into other macros.

  3. Multiple macro files loaded at same time

    Macro Express Pro allows more than one macro (.mex) file open at the same time. Macros will play back from any of the files that are currently open.

  4. Improvements to variables

    Now name the variables rather than use T1, D1, N1 designations. The old variable naming system is still in place for backward compatibility.

    Several new types of variables are available. These include Boolean variables, Handle variables and Date/Time variables for making date/time calculations.

  5. New macro activations

    The following macro activations have been added to the program.

    Directory Modification
    This activation type looks for changes to files or folders. When a change is made to the file or folder specified, the macro will start. Among the options, the macro may look for changes to file size, attributes, write time, security descriptor or if a file has been renamed or deleted.

    System Event
    The macro activates when a System Event, such as a Windows message, resolution change or color change occurs.

    Process Event
    Trigger a macro when a process starts or ends.

    This options looks for the TCP/IP stack to become available or unavailable.

    Clipboard Text
    Activate a macro based on the contents of the clipboard. Select whether the clipboard does or does not match what is selected as the clipboard trigger. Or choose whether the clipboard contains or does not contain specific text.

  6. New macro commands

    The GoTo and Label commands allow the macro to move to any line in the script, forward or backward, during playback.

    The External Script command runs supplied JScript, VBScript or HTA scripts.

    Added math commands such as sine, cosine, minimum and maximum values and more.

    Commands have been added to easily join or split text string variables.

    Error handling and debugging have been improved.

    The Text Box Display command now supports Rich Text allowing messages to be displayed in various fonts, sizes, colors, etc.

    The Update Text Box command updates the text box displayed during macro runtime with fresh information.

    Functions to lock the keyboard and mouse during macro playback so that users don't accidentally interfere.

  7. Enhanced password protection

    Beefed up the password protection to make the macro files more secure.

  8. Quick capture routine

    Added a quick capture option to quickly capture a temporary macro with a system hot key. A separate system hot key plays back the temporary macro.
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