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Macro Express v 3.9


  1. Minor updates to some of the sample macros.
  2. Updated the list of file types supported in the import macros dialog.
  3. A warning message is displayed if an attempt is made to import macros from an unsupported type of macro file.
  4. The program now tries to find icons assigned to macros that are not found because the Program Files folder has moved.
  5. When an icon assigned to a macro points to either an empty removeable drive or one that no longer exists, the "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive" message comes up fewer times.
  6. Clicking Restore Toolbars now restores toolbars and other visual elements to default values.
  7. The response from an FTP Get command is now more detailed.
  8. Modified the FTP Disconnect to make it more reliable.
  9. Updated the main Macro Express icon.
  10. Updated macro category icons.
  11. Updated the sample menu images displayed in the properties tab of the Menu Builder.
  12. New icons are installed that can be assigned to macros.
  13. If an icon assigned to a macro is not found, an empty icon with a red box around it is displayed.
  14. The Properties dialog for system macros is now centered within the Macro Explorer window instead of at the top left corner of the screen.
  15. If the default string variable used by Variable Set From Prompt contains a CR then the default value is not highlighted.
  16. If the floating menu is set to be displayed beyond the desktop area (all monitors) it is displayed at the top left corner.
  17. Clicking Find within the Explorer or the Editor now remembers previous search terms.
  18. Audio Mute and Unmute commands now work on Windows 7 and Vista.
  19. Updated the help system.
  20. Changed font to one more readable on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  21. Revised macro Properties tab: changed size of icons. Changed font size.
  22. Enhanced the message that is displayed when the 'Run when Windows starts up' preference is changed and while waiting for the user to click on the UAC prompt.
  23. The Command Line Parameter in the Preferences is now properly stored in the startup shortcut.
  24. Improved support for non-default DPI settings on Windows 7 and Vista.

  25. Bugs Fixed

  26. The Reopen menu option is now enabled as soon as another file is opened.
  27. Made a change to recover without crashing when the macro is aborted and an FTP connection or transfer is active.
  28. Fixed a bug in the Text Type command where <CAPLOCK> was being inserted instead of <CAPSLOCK>.
  29. Fixed a bug where right-click in the Macro Explorer window would not bring up the context menu if the View mode was set to List, Small Icons or Large Icons.
  30. Fixed a problem loading icons from the ZVAIOFU.ICL icon library on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  31. Fixed a problem where the shield icon next to License Macro Express/License Information would get confused with the icon used in a popup or floating menu macro.
  32. Scheduled macros no longer run while capturing a macro.
  33. Fixed some issues with the display of custom icons.
  34. Fixed a problem where some of the options in the dialog to select scheduled macro properties were not displayed correctly.
  35. Fixed a problem that would occur when a Window Reposition Move by Percentage command was copied and pasted.
  36. Pressing F1 when the 'Open Folder' command is highlighted in the Script Editor now brings up the correct help topic.
  37. Fixed a bug that occurred when a disabled Date/Time command with the Prompt User option selected was copied and pasted.
  38. Fixed a bug that prevented setting the position of the Recipients for the Email send command.
  39. Fixed a bug that occurred if a breakpoint was set on ASCII File End Process or Text File End Process command.
  40. Fixed a bug where the last character of a long file path was not visible in the email attachment when scrolled.
  41. Fixed a bug in the 'Capture Control' utility on 64-bit systems.
  42. Fixed a bug that caused a Windows Explorer window to come up if either the QkStart.exe or MEQuickStart.doc files did not exist and the preferences were set to display the Quick Start Guide.
  43. Fixed a bug rounding negative numbers.
  44. The program will no longer crash when the program is closed when the Text Type dialog is open.
  45. Fixed a bug with MacDef that caused a crash.
  46. Fixed a crash that would occur if No is clicked to the Duplicate Name Warning when importing a macro.
  47. Fixed a crash that could occur when custom icons are being used.
  48. Fixed a crash that would occur if program is closed after the 'Run when Windows starts up' preference is changed and while waiting for user to click on the UAC prompt.
  49. Fixed a rare crash that occurred when displaying the About box.
  50. Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a Macro Express file when the program first starts up.

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