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Macro Express v 3.8a


  1. When using the 'Prompt for Recipients' option in the 'E-Mail Send' command, the user must enter at least one recipient in order for the dialog to be properly dismissed.
  2. Leaving the 'Minutes' field blank on any wait command will cause it to be recognized as '0'.
  3. Removed the full file paths, leaving just the filename, in the 'File > Reopen' menu.
  4. Added 'Any Key', 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' to the 'Wait for Keypress' command.
  5. In the event that an error occurs when using one of the shutdown commands, the error message is now more descriptive of what caused the problem.

  6. Bugs Fixed

  7. Fixed a bug where the program would lockup a program when launched on a 64-bit system.
  8. Fixed a bug where there were multiple entries on the taskbar whenever a dialog or menu is visible.
  9. Fixed a problem backing up macro files with uppercase letters in the macro file extension.
  10. Fixed several bugs in the scheduled macros that could cause an 'Invalid Floating Point Operation' error.
  11. Added horizontal scrollbars to the attachment pane in the 'E-Mail Send' command.
  12. Fixed a bug in the debugger where, when the macro was finished, the continue button would still be visible.
  13. The 'If File Exists' command now supports wildcards again.
  14. Fixed a bug in the 'Ping Site' command where it would not work properly on Windows 7.
  15. Fixed a bug in the script editor where pressing the Help button would display the Macro Express help dialog when another application was focused.
  16. Fixed a problem where the 'Email Send' sent email attachments incorrectly.
  17. Fixed a bug where floating menus added a taskbar entry for Macro Express.

  18. Crashes Fixed

  19. Fixed a crash that occurred when converting an older file.

Release Notes for Previous Versions

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    version 3.7d
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Release Notes for Current Version

    Current version

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