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Macro Express v 3.8


  1. The 'Mouse Move to Tray Icon' command now works properly on Windows 7.
  2. The 'Run on Windows Startup' option may now be changed on Windows Vista and Windows 7 after answering the UAC prompt.
  3. Added a 'Window Move and Size' command that will move and size a window in a single command.
  4. Updated the backup options.
  5. Increased the number of digits for coordinates in the 'Window Reposition' command from four to five.
  6. Added Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 to the 'If OS' command.
  7. Made some changes to make the 'Audio Mute Toggle', 'Audio Volume Up' and 'Audio Volume Down' commands work on Windows Vista.
  8. Added support 64-bit systems.
  9. Bugs Fixed

  10. Fixed a bug in the 'Macro Run', 'Macro Enable', 'Macro Disable' and 'Macro Delete' command dialog where selecting a macro with the keyboard did not populate the macro name field.
  11. Fixed a bug which allowed multiple system hotkeys to be assigned to the same hotkey.
  12. Fixed a bug with the default style popup menu where the focus would not be returned to the previous window when cancelling the menu.
  13. Fixed a bug where the 'Repeat with Folder' command could not be stopped with a 'Repeat Exit' command when processing a subfolder.
  14. Fixed a bug where the editor could be launched multiple times.
  15. Fixed a problem that could cause the player to freeze if the editor terminates both the editor and player.
  16. The Restore Defaults button in the preferences now sets preferences to the same defaults used when the program starts.
  17. Fixed a bug where the 'Wait Time Elapse' command would freeze Vista 64-bit machines.
  18. If the editor is not installed it gets deleted. This will avoid version conflicts that could occur when installing a newer version on top of an older version.
  19. Fixed a crash that occurred when using a variable in the 'Registry Create' and 'Registry Delete' commands.
  20. Fixed a crash that occurred when debugging a macro that contains an error in a repeat loop.
  21. Fixed a range check error when retrieving the size of a file greater than 2GB.
  22. Fixed a crash that occurred when saving a macro.
  23. Fixed a crash that occurred when launching a sub-script, such as a macro run, repeat loop, etc.
  24. Fixed several related crashes that occurred when accessing the macro file.
  25. Fixed a crash that occurred in the 'Variable Set Integer to Position of Text' command.
  26. Fixed the cause of a crash that occurred when entering the Macro Run command and the OK button was clicked when no macro was selected.

Release Notes for Previous Versions

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Release Notes for Current Version

    Current version

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