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Version 3.7


  1. If the path to backup the macro file is the My Documents folder, a virtual path is used when exporting and importing the program configuration.
  2. Added additional Menu Styles.
  3. Added a selection for Menu Animation to the preferences.
  4. After the license is successfully entered from the reminder dialog, the reminder dialog is closed.
  5. Made the "Window Show" and "Window Hide" commands more reliable.
  6. Added a "Wait for Cursor Change" option to the "Wait for Mouse Cursor" command.
  7. Made the "Wait for Mouse Cursor" command more reliable.
  8. Optional Command Line parameters can now be entered as part of the 'Run on Windows' Startup' options.
  9. Added a panel to adjust certain Advanced Options.
  10. Added a deadkey patch that fixes problems with uppercase characters with diacritical marks.
  11. Added 'Program Version Number' to the list of things returned by the 'Set Variable from Misc' command.
  12. The program Help can now be displayed if the help file is on a Windows server with the latest security patches.
  13. Updated the some of the installer panels to make them clearer.
  14. Made a change so that the "Window Show, etc." commands can recognize applications written in Delphi better and work with them correctly.
  15. Changes made to support Windows Vista

  16. The keyboard mapping feature has been removed if running Windows Vista.
  17. The file association options are removed for Windows Vista.
  18. Enhanced the warning message that is displayed when attempt is made to save a macro file in the Program Files folder on Vista.
  19. Made a change to allow a user to change the license information if it was only entered for the logged in user on Vista.
  20. Removed the "All Users Use Same Settings" option on Vista.
  21. Fixed a problem that occurred when using F8 to step through a macro on Windows Vista.
  22. The installer has been updated to work correctly on Windows Vista.
  23. Fixed problems that occurred when the installer launches Macro Express on Vista.
  24. The preferences on Vista will now always be saved in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
  25. Fixed a problem licensing Macro Express in Windows Vista.
  26. Fixed a problem with the hooks when running macros in IE7 on Windows Vista.
  27. Fixed the Mouse Locator on Windows Vista.
  28. Fixed a bug in the window manipulation commands on Windows Vista.
  29. Fixed a crash on Vista systems in the "Move Mouse to System Tray" command.
  30. Bugs Fixed

  31. Fixed a bug with the Email Send command using a variable to specify the file attachments. [ISS4502]
  32. The pixel color is now displayed as RGB (Reg Green Blue) instead of BGR when displayed in hexadecimal format.
  33. Fixed a bug in the "Copy File or Files" and "Move File or Files" commands where, if wildcards were used, errors about files being in use would be displayed. [ISS4384]
  34. Changed the accelerator key to Alt+r for Program Specific on the Scope tab to avoid a conflict with the Alt+p accelerator.
  35. Added accelerator key to allow Alt+y to select the Security tab in the Scripting Editor.
  36. Fixed a copy/paste error with the "Repeat with Folder" command.
  37. Fixed a problem in the installer where the Start Menu folder selection was being ignored.
  38. Fixed a potential crash that would occur when multiple Reminder dialogs come up.
  39. Fixed a crash that occurred when viewing the Macro Express help.
  40. Fixed the cause of a crash in the license dialog. [ISS4401]

Release Notes for Previous Versions

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Release Notes for Current Version

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