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Version 3.5

  1. Decreased the delay in rendering the macro categories in the Explorer, the Macro Controls dialog and the Macro Selection dialog.
  2. Added an option to display a notification message when an email has been sent using the E-Mail Send command.
  3. The Run Macro in Variable command now allows you to use \\ when a \ is required. If you included \runit in previous versions, it would result in <CR>unit. Now entering \\runit will result in \runit
  4. Rewrote the Wait for Webpage command so that it no longer requires the iCapture.dll library and increased its reliability.
  5. Modified the "/V" commandline parameter so that if the user enters "//", it will be processed as a "/" and still continue adding to the specified variable until the next legitimate commandline parameter is encountered.
  6. Command line parameters can now be entered either in lowercase or uppercase.
  7. Improved MeProc.exe so it can be copied to and run from a folder other than the folder where Macro Express is installed.
  8. Changed MeProc.exe to make running macros faster.
  9. Added import support for ShortKeys 2.x files.
  10. Modified the "If OS Version" command so that it will detect Windows Server 2003.
  11. Added ability to install defprefs.mcf file at the same time the program is installed.
  12. Modified the "Set Wallpaper" command in two ways. First, the command will allow the user to specify graphics formats other than .bmp (this is only applicable if the version of Windows allows it). Second, the wallpaper is automatically updated in the Active Desktop as well, if the OS supports it.
  13. Added support for the left and right control keys in the Text Type command.
  14. Made a change such that the preferences are saved/created immediately after opening Macro Express for the first time.
  15. Modified the Date/Time command so that the user can halt the macro if the prompt is cancelled.
  16. Added two options to the "Variable Set Integer" command to retrieve the width and height of a specified monitor.
  17. The "Floating Time Seconds" in the Text Box Display command will now accept variables.
  18. Removed the "Going back to Macro Express 2000" menu entry from the system tray.
  19. Modified the dialogs that can be positioned on the screen so that they are positioned correctly when dealing with multiple monitors.
  20. Modified the "Variable Set From File" command so that when the user is parsing the file path, the user can determine whether or not relative filenames are expanded to include the current directory.
  21. Added a "Does not Contain" option to the "Repeat Until" command.
  22. Added a message that warns the user that no files were found if the "Rename File or Files" command can't find the file(s) in question. The error does not halt the macro.
  23. Added a commandline parameter to MeProc which will allow the user to delay the loading of Macro Express for a specified number of seconds.
  24. Made a modification that would allow the "Rename File or Files" command to rename a directory.
  25. Modified the script parsing routines so that if a Text Type command is greater than 64K, it will broken down into smaller, more manageable commands, each of 64K characters in length.
  26. Modified all of the password fields to the new Windows XP password style.
  27. Added a "/delay" commandline parameter to cause Macro Express to delay for the specified number of seconds before executing the startup procedures.
  28. Modified the "Start Clipboard Copy"/"End Clipboard Copy" commands so that any disabled commands between these two commands are ignored.
  29. Placed a limit on the range of numbers a user can enter in the "Variable Set to ASCII Character" command.
  30. Limited the "Variable Set Integer to Random Number" command to not allow someone to enter a number less than 1.
  31. Increased the speed at which the program configuration can be imported.
  32. Modified the "Screen Saver Disable" command so that on Windows XP the screensaver setting is removed, as it is on Win9x.
  33. Added an option to warn about duplicate nicknames.
  34. Modified the display of the "Get Control" command in the Script Editor so that information about the control is displayed.
  35. Added "Advanced Wintools Config" option to the Export Program Configuration menu option. This option will replace certain paths with virtual folders so that they work correctly on another machine.
  36. The Mute commands now work on Windows XP.
  37. Modified the "Windows Sizing Border" command so that the factor field will accept variables.
  38. Added a warning message to the bottom of some of the file commands to let the user know that if an absolute destination path is not specified that it will become relative to the current working folder.
  39. Modified the "Copy File/Files", "Rename File/Files" and "Move File/Files" command so that if no wildcards are specified the directories are not parsed before performing the operation.
  40. Modified the "Import Program Configuration" menu option so that when a configuration contains paths to invalid drives, those paths will revert to their default location.
  41. Made a change so that the error handling dialog in the clipboard commands will be more likely to appear on top of all of the windows.
  42. Made a change in the "Wait Text Playback" command to make it more reliable.
  43. Added a link to the Bug Reporter from within the Options menu.
  44. Updated the ISS Bug Reporter with a new user interface, new ways of reporting bugs, a help file, and the ability to set preferences before a crash.
  45. Made a change so that the Text Type command will now more accurately use the current keyboard layout to playback a character.
  46. Improved the Mouse Locator program so it will run on computers configured for Asian languages.
  47. Modified the ShortKey conflict notification message.
  48. Changed the hint of the popup menu when the macro is running. It now includes the name of the popup macro, rather than just saying that the menu is disabled.
  49. The user can no longer enter a value that is larger than 2147483647 or smaller than -2147483648 in the Variable Set Integer and Variable Modify Integer commands.
  50. Increased the width of the System Macro Properties dialog.
  51. Added Active Accessibility to the menubars.

  52. New Commands
  53. Added "Repeat with Processes" command.
  54. Added "Reload Macro Express Preferences" command.
  55. Added "Variable Set from Misc" command.
  56. Added the "Get File Version" command.
  57. Added the "Move Mouse to Tray Icon" command.

  58. Bugs fixed that caused crashes:
  59. Fixed a bug where the user could test run a macro while a macro was playing. This occasionally caused a crash.
  60. Resolved a crash that occurred when Macro Express was querying a program for some information while Macro Express is shutting down.
  61. Modified the "Play AVI" command so that it won't crash the program when an unsupported file is played.
  62. Fixed a bug that caused a crash when viewing a log for a macro and the log file doesn't exist.
  63. Added some code so that Macro Express will not crash on an unrecognized command during playback.
  64. Fixed a crash that could occur when the program is being shut down.
  65. Fixed a crash that occurred if there was a corruption in the macro when saving it.
  66. Fixed a crash that occurred when a blank path is passed to the "Variable Set From File" command.
  67. Fixed a crash that occurred in the system tray manager.
  68. Fixed a crash that occurred when the user did not specify an extension for a graphic file when attempting to copy it to the clipboard.
  69. Fixed a crash that occurred if the user attempted to modify a control variable without first having defined it.
  70. Fixed a crash that could occur during the backup process.
  71. Fixed a rare crash that occurred when dismissing an error dialog.
  72. Fixed a crash that could occur when the user clicked on a header in the Explorer to sort by a specific column.
  73. Fixed a crash in the Quick Wizards that could occur when listing the available phone numbers to dial
  74. Repaired a crash that sometimes occurred when printing the list of macros.
  75. Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to update a control-activated macro in the editor.
  76. Fixed a crash that occurred when saving a graphic from the clipboard into a directory that did not yet exist.
  77. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when updating the list of running processes/windows.
  78. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the "Wait for Window Title" command.
  79. Fixed a range check error that sometimes occurred when using a repeat command.
  80. Fixed a crash that occurred when the user specified a filename in the "Variable Modify String: Append to File" command when the user did not specify a path to the file.
  81. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when the user attempted to create a new category.
  82. Corrected a problem that caused an occasional crash when closing the editor.
  83. Added some code to prevent crashing when the user enters a rounding value that is outside of the rounding range.
  84. Fixed a crash that occurred when the user entered a negative number into the "Mouse Wheel" command.
  85. Fixed a crash that could occur if the program could not open the clipboard when using the clipboard to execute a Text Type command.
  86. Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on "OK" to the "Clear Variables" command.
  87. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the "Web Site" command with the "wait" option enabled.
  88. Fixed a crash that occurred when a string variable has been set to the contents of a file, the length of the variable is 1 character and the user has selected to strip the trailing CR/LF characters.
  89. Made an adjustment to the editor window in order to avoid a crash when checking the help file.
  90. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the "Clipboard Save Graphic" command on a file marked as read-only.
  91. Fixed a crash that could occur if a user used a blank string variable when processing the "ASCII Character Value" command.
  92. Fixed a crash that could occur if a user entered an invalid numeric value into the "If Variable" command.
  93. Fixed a crash that occurred if the user performed an operation on a decimal or integer variable and the contents of the variable exceeded the maximum or minimum range.
  94. Fixed a crash that occurred when copying/moving a large number of files.
  95. Fixed a crash that occurred when the the length of the Text Box content is too large.
  96. Fixed a crash that occurred when the user entered an invalid condition in the "Repeat Until" command.
  97. Fixed a crash that could occur when a user is testing a macro with the test-run window.
  98. Fixed a crash that occured when the program attempted to expand an environment variable.
  99. Made a fix to prevent a crash that could occur when displaying the scope window.
  100. Fixed a crash that could occur when using the Variable Set Control Text command.
  101. Fixed a crash that could occur if the user pressed the Pause Macro hotkey several times when a macro is in a delay state.
  102. Fixed a crash that occurred when the user attempted to select an F-Key from the Direct Editor menu when viewing a different tab.
  103. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the "Variable Modify Control" command in conjunction with the "Capture Control" command.

  104. Other bugs fixed:
  105. Fixed some bugs in the scheduler that could cause macros not to run when they were supposed to.
  106. Fixed a bug where, if the registry settings got corrupt, then the script commands would appear as Uncategorized in the script and direct editors.
  107. Fixed the multimonitor support on some prompts that would appear during macro playback.
  108. Fixed a bug where, when right-clicking on the system tray icon and then selecting "Open Editor", the left-click action would be executed rather than opening the editor.
  109. Fixed a tab-order issue in the schedule option, "Load File".
  110. Fixed a bug in the Pause command so that it will accurately switch focus to the previous window when it the user instructs it not to keep focus.
  111. Fixed a bug in the "Delete File or Files" command where it did not recurse through the subdirectories properly.
  112. Fixed a bug where the Quick Start Guide menu option was visible even if the Quick Start files were not available.
  113. Fixed a bug where, after deleting a macro(s) from the Recycle Bin the categories in the Explorer would disappear.
  114. Fixed a bug where some controls were not resized correctly on the Change Icon dialog when using large fonts.
  115. Fixed a bug where the Direct Editor font didn't change correctly to match the user settings.
  116. Fixed a couple of bugs in the Capture Quick Wizard that caused Macro Express to set the scope to the wrong window/program.
  117. Fixed a bug where the user couldn't halt a capture using the hotkeys when the editor was running.
  118. Fixed a bug in the "Case" command where it would not accept the value "-1".
  119. Made a modification so that if the user has the "File Locking of Macros option" turned on then the file is only updated as needed instead of being updated at every synchronization check.
  120. Fixed a bug where the search in the Macro Explorer would never find the very first item in the list.
  121. Made a modification so that the user cannot step into macros with an edit password if they do not know the password. However, the macro will still continue to run.
  122. Fixed a bug where the last variable (i.e. T99) would not be cleared when using the "Clear Variables" command.
  123. Fixed a bug that occurred with the system tray menu when the taskbar is at the top or left of the screen. The popup menu would never appear under the mouse. Instead, it would appear either to the side or the bottom of the taskbar. It now appears under the mouse.
  124. Modified the "Web Site" command so that if Internet Explorer is the default web browser, the "Wait for Webpage" option of the command will work without having to specify Internet Explorer specifically.
  125. The "If Online" command has been modified to simply detect whether or not there is a TCP/IP stack available on the system. The pinging action has been removed.
  126. Fixed a bug where the "Case" commands were not being evaluated properly.
  127. Modified the routines used to set focus to a window in order to make it more reliable.
  128. Fixed the "E-Mail Send" command so that it accepts variables in the filename field for the body of the message.
  129. Modified the "Clear Variables" command so that the user cannot enter an invalid range to clear.
  130. Modified the capture dialog so that it will come up on top of all other windows when the user presses Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X.
  131. Fixed a bug where any value could be entered into the text type delay field in the Options panel.
  132. Modified the disabling of the global scope so that it is enabled when there are no active global macros assigned to the same hotkey as the new macro.
  133. Added some checks to make sure that the action taken by clicking on the system tray defaults to opening the editor if it is not set correctly.
  134. Fixed a sorting issue in the macro controls dialog.
  135. Fixed a bug in the "Rename Folder" command so that relative pathnames are expanded out so that the command will not fail.
  136. Modified the "Copy File/Files" command so that relative paths are expanded prior to performing the operation.
  137. Fixed a bug in the "Variable Set From File" command where the first two letters of the path were getting removed if the path did not contain a drive letter.
  138. Fixed a bug where macros could not be run if a popup menu was visible when the macro recycle bin was emptied.
  139. Modified the "Left Mouse Button" and "Right Mouse Button" commands to execute properly when the buttons have been swapped for left-handed use.
  140. Fixed a bug in the clipboard commands where, if the user selected the option to continue the macro when an error occurs, the macro was still halted.
  141. Fixed a bug where, if the user created a new category, but didn't rename it, the category would not be selected properly.
  142. Fixed a bug in the popup and floating menus where, if the user pressed a letter to launch a macro, the focus did not change back to the appropriate window.
  143. Updated the help to correct several errors.
  144. Fixed a reliability bug in the "Set Window Z-Order" command.
  145. Fixed a bug in the "Window Reposition" where if the user select to reposition a window by a percentage, it did not move the window correctly.
  146. Fixed a tab order bug in the "Variable Modify Decimal" command when the "Round" option is selected.
  147. Fixed a bug where the "Network Disconnect" command did not remember whether or not the "Show Connection Status" checkbox was checked.
  148. Fixed a bug where the user could not specify his/her own accelerators when using the Windows Default popup menu.
  149. Fixed a copy/paste error that occurred with the "Repeat Until" command.
  150. Fixed a bug in some macro selection dialogs where macros in a subcategory were not displayed.
  151. Fixed a bug where the debugger would not reliable change focus to the appropriate window while stepping through a macro.
  152. Made a change in the program to make sure that the Break and Repeat Exit commands left a file processing loop more reliably.
  153. Removed part of the explanation of how to change the current working folder in the Activate Window/Program Launch commands as the explanation does not apply to the latest versions of Macro Express.
  154. Fixed a bug in the "Capture Control" command where it did not always return the correct information to any command that used the control.
  155. Modified the "Round Decimal" command so that the user will be warned if a value beyond what is acceptable is entered.
  156. Fixed a bug on Windows 95 machines were the "Run on Windows Startup" did not work correctly.
  157. Fixed a bug where the user could enter a negative value into the delay fields in the Activate/Launch commands.
  158. Fixed a bug in the Script and Direct Editors. If the menubar was detached from the window and a menu item was clicked, the menu would appear momentarily and then disappear. This no longer happens.
  159. Modified the explorer so that when the user drags a macro, that it is not redrawn constantly, therefore freeing up a large percentage of the CPU cycles.
  160. Fixed a bug where the "Registry Read String" command could not read a registry value of type REG_EXPAND_SZ.
  161. Made a correction in the way Macro Express handles commandline parameters. If the user entered a commandline like the following: macexp.exe /ATest Macro /VT1:Hello There
    Then the resulting macro to be launched would be "Test Macro " (without the quotes) which is obviously wrong.
  162. Fixed a problem in the installer that occurred when installing without the help files. The problem caused this error message: The application or DLL c:\winnt\system32\ole2.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation diskette.
  163. Fixed a bug where copying and pasting the "Get Pixel" command did not work correctly.
  164. Fixed a timing problem that occurred if meproc was used more than once within too short of a time.
  165. Modified the preferences window so that if the user entered a 0 for the number of minutes to autosync the current macro file, the value would be reset to 1 minute.
  166. Made a change so the user cannot enter an invalid variable index on the commandline.
  167. Fixed a bug where users could modify the macro file simultaneously when in network mode.
  168. Fixed a bug where certain shortkey combinations could be expanded inproperly.
  169. Modified the ShortKeys Settings dialog so that it points to the correct help topic.
  170. Fixed a bug where capturing mouse movements relative to the last position did not work correctly.
  171. Fixed a bug where the script font styles were not properly applied to the script editor window.
  172. Fixed a bug where popup/floating menus would not appear on a monitor other than the main monitor.
  173. Fixed a bug where menus which were exported would not be reimported correctly.
  174. Corrected the format of the header sent with the email send command.
  175. Fixed a bug in the Weekly Schedule option so that it will run when it is supposed to.
  176. Fixed a bug where the "Change Focus to Previous Window" debug setting had no effect when cleared.
  177. Removed the accelerator key from the Security tab in the Script and Direct in order to correct a conflict.
  178. Fixed a bug where a breakpoint could cause a "Could not find matching End If" script error.
  179. Fixed a bug where, if the user attempted to access a read-only file using the clipboard commands, the program would ignore the error and perpetually retry the operation.
  180. Fixed a bug where, if the macro stopped on a breakpoint, the user could not continue to step through the macro from that point.
  181. Fixed a bug where the log tab on the properties dialog would not display the log for a macro if the script contained the "Log Errors" command.

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