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Version 3.4b

  1. Modified the Window Close command so that it won't get stuck when a window brings up a "Do you want to save" type of dialog.
  2. Resolved an issue where the <ALT>f or similar key sequence would have to be replaced with <ALTD>f<ALTU> for use in the Macro Express Editor.
  3. The "Run Macro Now" option is disabled when a macro is currently running.
  4. The backup options were improved.

  5. Improvements to popup and floating menus:
  6. Added an error checking routine to determine if there is any corruption in floating/popup menus.
  7. When exporting as a playable macro popup and floating menus are excluded.

  8. Improvements to controls:
  9. Made a change to the Capture Control utility so that it can get controls that are disabled.
  10. Modified the "Control Details" dialog so that it is resizable.
  11. Modified the window control commands such that they can handle a window with "AFX:" in its class correctly.

  12. Bugs fixed:
  13. Fixed a bug where occasionally after deleting macros the editor would report the file as corrupt when it really wasn't.
  14. Fixed a bug where the "Ignore Case" option was set incorrectly after copying/pasting the "If Variable" command where the second value was a variable.
  15. Fixed a bug where, if the user is deleting some files that don't exist an error message was displayed.
  16. Fixed a bug where certain hotkeys were not responding properly when the user attempted to change the hotkey of a macro.
  17. Changed the file association logic in the installer so that it uses the location where Macro Express is installed instead of the default path.
  18. Fixed a bug in the "Macro Properties" dialog where, when viewing the log file, the program could get into a stalled state and then crash the program.
  19. Fixed a range check error that would sometimes occur when test-running a macro.
  20. Fixed a crash in the "Get IP Address" command when the user is on a non TCP/IP network. If the function fails, the resulting IP address will be
  21. Fixed a bug that caused an occasional crash when viewing a macro's properties from the Explorer.
  22. Fixed a range check error that would occasionally occur when using window controls.

Revision history for Previous Versions

    version 3.4a
    version 3.4
    version 3.2
    version 3.0f
    version 3.0e
    version 3.0d
    version 3.0c
    version 3.0b
    version 3.0a
    version 3.0

Revision history for Current Version

    Current version

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