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Version 3.4

  1. Fixed a bug where, if the user selected cancel after not entering a password to edit the file, the editor would crash.
  2. Fixed a few help file links that were broken.
  3. Fixed a bug where, when capturing, pressing the capture hotkeys again would try to start the capturing over again.
  4. Fixed a bug where certain commands similar to "If Window" were not functioning reliably.
  5. Fixed a bug in the Clipboard Commands dialog where some elements were enabling and disabling incorrectly.
  6. Modified the "Wait for Web Page" command in order to make it more reliable.
  7. Added a way to insert special characters like the Separator Character and the newline character to the Run Macro in Variable command.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused the menus to become corrupted when emptying the Macro Recycle Bin.
  9. Fixed a crash that occurred when the user attempts to test-run a blank script.
  10. The options in the "File Paths" preference settings now defaults to the Macro Express directory instead of defaulting to whatever the current directory is.
  11. Made a modification to the code that loaded the editor. Long filenames were not being supported properly.
  12. Made a modification to the code that launches the editor in order to correct an occasional crash that occurred on Windows 9x systems.
  13. Fixed a bug in the debugger where, when pressing the F9 key to continue a macro, the last highlighted line was not immediately cleared.
  14. Fixed a bug where, if a breakpoint was set in a Repeat loop, the "End Repeat" command was not detected properly.
  15. Made a few modifications to lessen the occurrence of silent crashes when using the FTP commands.
  16. Made a modification to reduce some silent crashes that occurred when deleting files.
  17. Added more detailed info tips in the Macro Explorer.
  18. Made an adjustment so that Macro Express will wait for a window to become ready prior to using a control that is contained in that window.
  19. Fixed a bug where the "Insert Command Before", "Insert Command After" and "Add command to End" menu options are disabled correctly.
  20. It is now possible to use the F8 and F9 keys to debug the macro while viewing the variables or breakpoints windows.
  21. In the E-Mail Send window, one of the edit fields was not disabled properly when selecting to prompt for the recipient information.
  22. Fixed an issue with the Complex Pause command where a "|T" was being displayed in the text.
  23. Made an adjustment so that corrupted menus do not crash the program when attempting to edit them or delete other macros.
  24. Fixed a bug where, when enabling/disabling an entire category of macros, the file had to be closed and reopened before the changes would take effect.
  25. Added code to terminate the editor if it is still running when the player starts up.
  26. Modified the code that activates a window in order to alleviate a Range Check error that would sometimes occur.
  27. Added a treeview list of macros to the "If Macro" set of commands. This list is identical to the list in the "Macro Run" set of commands.
  28. Made a modification that will improve the launch and activate times when using the "Program Launch/Activate" set of commands.
  29. Added "Wait for Folder to Exist" to the "Files/Folders" category.
  30. Added "Variable Get Control Class". This command will get the class name of the specified control, if the control exists.
  31. Added more details to the error messages that are displayed when an invalid integer or decimal value is entered in the "Variable Set..." commands and the "If Variable" command.
  32. Corrected an error where the use of a Macro Return statement in a submacro would enable/disable the macro cancellation message incorrectly.
  33. Made a modification to alleviate a crash that occasionally occurred when attempting to save a macro.
  34. Made a modification so that the user can use a variable to specify the number of clicks the mouse wheel can be moved in the "Mouse Wheel" command.
  35. Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when moving the mouse across the menu bar when the menu bar is floating.
  36. Fixed a bug where a decimal variable that is converted to a string could end up being converted to a blank string.
  37. Made an adjustment to prevent a crash that occasionally occurred when Macro Express was checking for control-activated macros.
  38. Made an adjustment to prevent a crash when clicking on the Browse button in the "Network Map" dialog.
  39. Made an adjustment so that the "Get Control" utility will remember its position correctly when used with multiple monitors.
  40. Fixed a bug in the "Repeat with Windows" command where the command was not being executed.
  41. Fixed a bug where, when capturing a macro, a file was being written to the directory where the program is installed.
  42. Fixed a bug where the "Switch Focus" option would not always work despite what the user had selected to do.
  43. Fixed a bug in the Macro Controls dialog where, when using nonstandard size fonts, the window would be resized incorrectly.
  44. Several error messages have been clarified or eliminated for non-administrator users.
  45. Fixed a bug where, when writing a variable to a file, if the directory did not exist, then the file was not created.
  46. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the Terminate Process function.
  47. Fixed a couple of bugs dealing with the "Wait for File Ready" and the "Wait for File Exist" commands. The script was not being read properly for these commands.
  48. Added a check for passwords contained in the macro script when displaying the Macro Properties dialog.
  49. If an error occurs when a macro is being opened for editing, the user will be informed and saving will be disabled in order to preserve the original macro data.
  50. The "Whats New 3" shortcut in the start menu has been renamed "What's New".
  51. Fixed a bug that caused Macro Express to crash when using the "Output Macro Information" export option.
  52. Fixed a bug that causes the editor to crash when a user attempts to open a macro that is not formatted properly.
  53. Fixed a bug where, if a hotkey was assigned to the same shortcut as a menu in the editor, both the hotkey and the editor function would fire at the same time.
  54. Modified the Round Decimal command in order to make it more accurate.
  55. Fixed a typo on the Attachments page of the "E-Mail Send" command.
  56. Macro Express will now scan all of its registry keys prior to running. It is checking whether or not the user has access to write to the registry. If the user cannot write to both HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER, then Macro Express will terminate with a message telling the user to contact their system administrator.
  57. Reduced the amount of CPU cycles used when using the Control Utility in the "Get Control" command.
  58. Modified the location of the RunNow.mex file so that it is always located in the temporary directory.
  59. Extended the number of possible decimal places in the "Convert to Text Variable" option of the "Variable Modify Decimal" command.
  60. Added an option to skip the recycle bin when deleting a macro.
  61. Added a time value to the "Wait for File Ready" command so that the user can specify how long the file has to be ready for before continuing with the macro.
  62. Added a "Wait for Not Mouse Cursor" command.
  63. Made a fix for the latest Common Controls from Microsoft. Macro Express now truncates commands to 1,000 characters when displaying them in the script editor.
  64. Fixed a bug in the process list for the "Terminate Process" command. The running processes are now listed alphabetically.
  65. The "Round Decimal Variable" command now allows the user to enter a variable for the number of decimal places.
  66. The user can now copy and paste the "Round Decimal Variable" command properly.
  67. Modified the "Wait for Keypress" command so that it shows what key is being waited for in the Script Editor.
  68. Pressing F1 while having the "Break" command highlighted now successfully brings up the help topic.
  69. The Wait For commands now accept variables in the minutes and seconds fields.
  70. Fixed the Break and Repeat Exit commands so that they work properly in the ASCII/Text File processing commands.
  71. Made modifications to the CD-ROM commands. These commands now work properly.
  72. Fixed a bug in the Script Editor where a statement which should have been displayed as "%N1% = %N1% * %D1%" was being displayed as "%N1% = %N1% * %D100%".
  73. Added an option to wait for the webpage to load in the "Web Site" command.
  74. Moved the radiobuttons around in the "If ..." dialog.
  75. Fixed a small overlapping problem in the "If..." dialog.
  76. Added "If Mouse Cursor" and "If Not Mouse Cursor" commands.
  77. Fixed the Delete Registry Value command.
  78. Made an adjustment so that the editor initializes a little bit faster.
  79. Made an adjustment to the "Clipboard Type" command in order to make it more reliable.
  80. Made a fix so that macros assigned to the "Program Scope" are not executed if the .exe is only a partial match.
  81. Made a fix to remove an infrequent range check error while using the CD Previous Track command.
  82. Fixed a bug with the "If Registry Key" command. The description in the Script Editor was cutting off one letter of the key. This is no longer the case.
  83. Added a command to run the contents of a variable as part of the macro.
  84. Modified the "Default Popup Menu" routines in order to clear up an access violation that sometimes occurred when clicking on the system tray icon.
  85. Added a command to retrieve the current Windows Terminal Services session ID.
  86. Added the integer variables to the end of the decimal variable list in the "Variable Modify Decimal" command under the mathematical operations. The decimal variables were added to the end of the integer variable list in the "Variable Modify Integer" command, also under the mathematical operations.
  87. Fixed a bug that caused an "Invalid Hook Handle" when copying/moving a macro.
  88. Modified the file backup procedure. First, the backup prompt will no longer allow Windows to close until it has been dismissed. This corrects the issue where the End Task dialog would appear over the backup prompt. Second, added the ability to have a countdown before selecting a default action for the backup. The timer is visible on the prompt.
  89. Fixed a small cosmetic issue where the file menu would not disappear after clicking on the Backup option.
  90. Modified the backup completed message so that it appears on top of all other windows.
  91. Fixed a copy/paste issue with the "Date/Time" command.
  92. The "Macro Controls" dialog box is now resizable.
  93. Added the ability to change the path for the keyboard remapping file. The file can be changed through Options | Preferences | File Paths.
  94. Fixed a bug where Wait-or-Wait commands embedded in an If statement could cause Macro Express to become confused.
  95. Added accelerator of L to Help | License Information.
  96. Modified the "Match First Character" ShortKey case setting so that if the user uses a character that is not between A and Z for the first character of the ShortKey, the first character of the Text Type will not have its case changed.
  97. The SMTP authentication fields are now disabled when the "Requires Authentication" checkbox is unchecked in the Preferences.
  98. Modified the accelerator keys in the Script and Direct Editors and the properties dialog.
  99. Modified the "Suspend Computer" command so that it is more reliable on Windows XP.
  100. Modified the error message that appears when an error occurs while using the CD-ROM commands. Lines should no longer be truncated and possible remedies are now suggested.
  101. Upon completion of a manual backup, a notification indicating success will appear.
  102. Made an adjustment so that popup menus with only one item in them display more than just a scrollbar.
  103. Added the "Quick Start" menu option into the editor's Help menu.
  104. Fixed the "Macro Return" command so that it won't close textboxes when the command is executed.
  105. Added an error message to the "Empty Recycle Bin" command if Macro Express could not perform the operation.
  106. Delayed the displaying of macros in the "Macro Controls" window in order to bring up the dialog quicker.
  107. Fixed a bug where copying and pasting the "Window Reposition by Pixels" command could cause the command to become corrupted.
  108. Added a warning when the user attempts to run the MXUISHELL.MXE error file.
  109. Menus can no longer be exported as playable macros.
  110. Fixed a bug where the user could not use the backspace key in the Round Decimal field.
  111. Fixed a helpfile bug that caused incorrect topics to be displayed in the Preferences dialog.
  112. Resolved several accelerator key conflicts throughout the program.
  113. Added the spacebar to the list of keys available in the "Wait for Keypress" command.
  114. Added the "Hibernate" command to place the system into hibernation mode.
  115. Added a "Backup" menu command to run the macro backup immediately, without prompting and disturbing the backup schedule.
  116. Fixed a bug where, after recapturing a macro, the macro did not remain selected.
  117. Added the command "Wait for Mouse Cursor".
  118. Added the command "Wait for Folder to Exist".
  119. Wherever variables can be entered, environment variables can also be entered and Macro Express will parse them appropriately.
  120. Added the "Convert Filename" which converts a filename to either a long or a short path.
  121. The Variable Modify Integer command now allows the user to use decimal variables in the math functions. Also, the Variable Modify Decimal command allows the usage of integer variables.
  122. Added the "Clear Variables" command.
  123. Fixed a bug where converting an email command from Macro Express 2000 did not always get the BCC, subject message and attachments correct.
  124. Fixed a bug where the Explorer would disable the enable/disable and delete options incorrectly.
  125. If errors are being logged and not displayed, then any unsupported multimedia commands will not halt the macro. Instead, the macro will continue to play.
  126. Modified the "Set System Time" command to allow synchronizing with a time server.
  127. Added the ability to export macros by right-clicking them in the Explorer.
  128. Changed the header in the Startup schedule option to "Macro Express Startup" in order to clear up any confusion about when these macros will start.
  129. Made a modification to the Repeat with Windows command and added the ability to repeat through visible, hidden or all windows as well as sort those windows either alphabetically or by window order.
  130. Added an option to switch focus to the script pane in the script editor when adding a command to the script.
  131. Added an option to switch focus from the Pause dialog to the last focused window.
  132. Added the ability to pause the macro using a user-specified hotkey.
  133. Added the underlined accelerator keys back into the Default Popup Menu style.
  134. Changed the Import and Export Macros dialogs to provide more information about what macros are being selected.
  135. Fixed a crash that occurred when using the TweakME sample macro. The error was caused by forcing Macro Express to reload its settings.
  136. Fixed a bug where canceling the Set Variable from Prompt command would allow the macro to continue when the user did not specify for this to occur.
  137. Added the "Lock Workstation" function. This command will only operate on Windows 2000, XP and higher.
  138. Added the "Get IP Address" command which will enumerate all of the IP addresses on the system in a comma-separated form.
  139. Added the ability to select no wallpaper in the "Wallpaper" command.
  140. Made a change to the Change Icon dialog so that it will open the directory of the chosen icon when first starting to browse for a new icon.
  141. The Change Icon dialog is now resizable and remembers its size and position.
  142. Made a change to accelerate the "Delete Folder" command.
  143. Made a change to accelerate the "Create Folder" command.
  144. When browsing for a window title, the list of running windows will now differentiate between visible and hidden windows.

Revision history for Previous Versions

    version 3.2
    version 3.0f
    version 3.0e
    version 3.0d
    version 3.0c
    version 3.0b
    version 3.0a
    version 3.0

Revision history for Current Version

    Current version

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