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Version 3.2

  1. Fixed a bug in the scripting editor where the title bar would indicate that the user is in the Macro Explorer.
  2. Window titles in Window Activated macros no longer get trimmed when determining if the user did not enter any data.
  3. Reworked the logic that handles backing up the file in order to clear up several errors that people were having.
  4. The printout from the Macro Explorer now prints the windows/programs which apply to macros that have a specific scope.
  5. Deleted macros will no longer be outputted in the "Output Macro Information" export option.
  6. Made an adjustment in the window activations to improve the reliability of the caching mode while playing a macro.
  7. The TextType command interpreted all "<Fxx>" sequences to be F keys. Now, if a number not between 1 and 24 is entered in the xx portion, the keystrokes are played back instead of as an F key.
  8. Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to import a playable macro and the activation was not correctly set.
  9. Modified the program configuration file to contain the program name so as to avoid importing the settings from another program.
  10. Fixed a "silent death" that occurred when attempting to import macros.
  11. Fixed a bug where, when test-running a macro with Macro Run commands in it, the script editor would flash continuously and eventually cause the editor to hang and possibly stall the computer system.
  12. Made an adjustment so that if the editor crashes, but the player stays open, a restart of the player is not necessary to relaunch the editor.
  13. Moved the location of the temporary file used during a test run to the temporary directory.
  14. Fixed a bug where, when capturing a macro as program specific, the executable name was incomplete and had weird characters in it.
  15. The "Output Macro Information" dialog will now print the items sorted in the same order as the Macro Explorer.
  16. Made a change to improve reliability when clicking on the system tray icon to activate the Editor when using Windows XP.
  17. Made an adjustment to the "Run Macro Express Editor" system macro so that if the editor executable does not exist, then the license information will brought up instead.
  18. Fixed an access violation that occurred occasionally when a macro was finished executing.
  19. Fixed a bug where the combobox for the control in the Text Type command was not repositioning correctly.
  20. The "Log Errors" command will no longer log when a macro is started and finished when the "Macro Run" command is used.
  21. Fixed a bug where the "Switch" command worked improperly.
  22. Fixed a bug that caused a copy and paste operation of the "Get ASCII Value/Char" commands to be incorrect.
  23. Fixed a bug where the "Empty Recycle Bin" command could not be copied or pasted.
  24. Made some adjustments to make the "Set Value From Clipboard" options of the "Variable Set" commands more reliable.
  25. Fixed a bug where macros scheduled to run when the file is loaded ran after capturing a macro.
  26. Fixed a crash that occurred when editing a text file inside of the script editor (through the "Load Macro Text File" command).
  27. Resolved an access violation occurring in the editor.
  28. Fixed an access violation that occasionally occurred when shutting down a window.
  29. The successful completion of a macro is no longer logged when using the "Log Errors" command. It is only logged when the macro's "Use Log" option or the global "Log Macros" option are selected.
  30. Fixed a bug that added quotation marks to the window title when copy/pasting the Window Reposition command.
  31. Removed any delays of 0 milliseconds when capturing a macro.
  32. Fixed an issue where sometimes, when using the "Match First Char" option, the first character of the replacement text would be uppercased incorrectly.
  33. If Macro Express encounters a problem parsing a macro during runtime, instead of crashing with a Range Check Error, the last successful command will be listed and the macro will be aborted.
  34. Window and control macros are no longer checked when Macro Express is suspended.
  35. Fixed a bug where browsing for a favorite in the "Web Site" command would not return anything in Windows XP.
  36. Added the ability to prompt for a date or time in the "Date/Time" command.
  37. Fixed the "Invalid Hook Handle" error.
  38. Made an adjustment so that all fields in the Scripting and Direct Editors now properly respond to the cut, copy and paste commmands.
  39. Fixed an occasional crash that occurred when the player is sending messages to the editor.
  40. Fixed a crash that occurred when changing a Text File/ASCII File Begin Process command to the appropriate End Process command.
  41. Fixed a bug in the "If Variable" command so that the second variable does not become unselected when choosing a new first variable.
  42. Added a "Browse" button to the Window Activation settings in the macro properties.
  43. Set a minimum size to which the main window can be resized.
  44. Fixed a refresh issue with the main window's status bar and Windows XP.
  45. Modified the layout of the registry command dialogs.
  46. Added an "If Registry" command.
  47. Fixed a crash that occurs when using controls.
  48. Macro Express will now tell the user which ShortKey macro conflicts with the macro currently being saved, if there is a conflict.
  49. Added "Repeat with Windows" command which allows the user to run through the list of running windows.
  50. Made an adjustment so that if commands that require no parameters are selected, then they are just added to the script without a dialog. Some commands did this while others did not. Now they all do this.
  51. When printing a macro, any notes associated with the macro will now be printed as well.
  52. Added the ability for the Text Type command to send text directly to a control instead of the focused window.
  53. Added "Delete Registry Value" command.
  54. Added the ability to select "Variable Set Integer to Control xxx" directly from the editor without having to hunt down the appropriate commands.
  55. Moved the "Run on Windows' Startup" option to the Preferences window.
  56. Added a "Does not Contain" to the "If Variable" command.
  57. Added a feature where the Recycle Bin icon in the Actions Bar now indicates if there are deleted macros.
  58. Changed the menu system of Macro Express to resemble a more modern look.
  59. Renamed "Repeat Exit" to "Break" and extended it so that it can exit out of Text and ASCII File Processing loops.
  60. Blank remarks are now displayed as blanks lines in the Scripting Editor instead of "//".
  61. Added Help menu option to the script's context (right-click) menu.
  62. The Macro Run command now arranges the macros in its list by category instead of sorting alphabetically.
  63. Added the ability to enable/disable all macros in a specific category.
  64. Added a "Hidden" option when launching a program in order to quickly hide a window upon launch.
  65. Added the ability to browse for a destination path in the "Copy File/Files" set of commands.
  66. The "Variable Set From Prompt" commands will now default their values to whatever the variable contains when the command is executed.
  67. The macro nicknames can no longer be edited from the Explorer. They must be edited from one of the editors.
  68. Added "Store if Cancelled" to the "Variable Set from Prompt" commands.

Revision history for Previous Versions

    version 3.0f
    version 3.0e
    version 3.0d
    version 3.0c
    version 3.0b
    version 3.0a
    version 3.0

Revision history for Current Version

    Current version

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