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Version 3.0f

  1. Adjusted the height of the test window.
  2. Fixed the Set System Date/Time so that it wouldn't crash during a copy & paste.
  3. Fixed the Set System Date/Time so that it would take advantage of daylight savings time.
  4. Moved the "Round Decimal" command on to the "Variable Modify Decimal" window.
  5. Fixed several accelerator key issues in the macro editor tabbed pages.
  6. Added a feature that will load a default preferences file ("defprefs.mcf") the first time a user runs Macro Express (if the file exists).
  7. Changed an accelerator key in the Activate/Launch command dialog to resolve a conflict.
  8. Made an adjustment to the Terminate Process command, which had an error in it.
  9. Added a browse button to the "Window Resize/Reposition" commands.
  10. Added the "Add CRLF" option to the "Variable Modify String - Append to Text File" command.
  11. Fixed a bug in the Direct Editor where Ctrl+X only copied the text to the clipboard rather than cutting it to the clipboard.
  12. Fixed a bug in the Direct Editor where the additional keys panel could be resized to 0.
  13. Fixed a bug in the list of installed programs where not everything in the Start Menu would be listed.
  14. Made a change to the FTP send and get commands that should hopefully get rid of any "silent deaths".
  15. Fixed a bug where the variables window would close when aborting a macro during a test run.
  16. Added a command to adjust/set the system date/time.
  17. Fixed an EOutOfResources error that occurred when too many items have been entered in the script editor. It will now display a warning instead of crashing.
  18. Added the "Set Window Order" command which allows the user to set the Z-Order status of a specific window.
  19. Made a change to the "Variable Set Decimal" with the Set From Clipboard option. When a piece of data was copied from Excel, the decimal point was being dropped. This has been fixed.
  20. Made a change to keep the user from changing the minutes and seconds in the start and end times when choosing the hourly schedule setting.
  21. Made a change to keep the registry commands from crashing the program.
  22. Made a change to the Date/Time command where adjusting the hours forward or backward will also adjust the date, as necessary.
  23. Changed the text for the Hourly schedule option to indicate that the minutes are calculated after the top of the specified hour.
  24. Made an adjustment to the Weekly scheduling logic to work more reliably.
  25. Fixed a window resizing issue on the FTP Get Filesize command.
  26. Made a minor modification to the Window Contols logic.
  27. Made an adjustment to show/hide any error messages resulting from the Macro Return and Macro Stop commands.
  28. Fixed a bug where the ASCII File Begin Process command was not formatted properly in the Scripting Editor.
  29. The shortkey activation buffer is now cleared when a window becomes focused.
  30. Added help topics for the "Variable Set to ASCII Character" and "Variable Set to ASCII Value" commands.
  31. Added a feature that will restore all of Macro Express's system tray icons if Explorer happens to crash (Win98 and later only).
  32. The backspace key now works properly in the timeout field of the "Terminate Process" command.
  33. Repaired a range check error that occurred when performing a text type.
  34. Fixed an access violation that occasionally occurred during normal usage.
  35. Removed the duplicate Alt+R accelerator key from the Preferences | Dialogs panel.
  36. Fixed a bug where the user could not select a hotkey using the arrow keys when changing the hotkey that a macro was assigned to.
  37. Fixed a bug where the user could not export the script as plain-text file from the Direct Editor.
  38. Fixed a typo in the file association message box.

Release Notes for Previous Versions

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Release Notes for Current Version

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