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Version 3.0e

  1. Fixed bug that caused a crash during Import Program Configuration if LRC was the last key in the configuration file.
  2. Changed the default path of the macro file to $MYDOCUMENTS\macex.mex.
  3. Made an attempt to fix the FTP commands.
  4. Fixed a bug in the Wait For Text command.
  5. Fixed a bug in the Multiple Choice Menu command that caused Macro Express to freeze up.
  6. Add an option to the install program to detect and install dcom95.exe, dcom98.exe, vbrun60.exe or vbrun60sp5.exe to update Windows 95 or Windows 98.
  7. Fixed the microsecond delays to be exactly accurate when using the high-speed timer.
  8. Fixed the anchors on the Test Window so that the controls size properly with the window.
  9. Added a warning message when a script contains a TextType command that contains more the 65535 characters in it.
  10. Added "Round Decimal" command that allows the user to round a decimal variable to a specific number of decimal places.
  11. The internal tables that keep track of macro activations are now properly updated when a macro is deleted.
  12. Removed the "No Activation" items from the drop-down list on the Macro Properties window. This is to avoid some confusion.
  13. Fixed a bug that occurred when attempting to export macros. The Save File dialog was not coming up.
  14. The modified date on macros no longer changes when enabling/disabling the macro, changing its category or changing its sort order.
  15. Removed the hyperlink stating that the Control Focused was not available on Windows NT and Windows 95. This was incorrect as this functionality was enhanced some time ago to work on all versions of Windows.
  16. Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when sorting in the Explorer.
  17. Changed the behavior of the "Default Activation" combobox in the Editor's properties. It, and its label, now reflect what the original intent was.
  18. Added a small amount of crash recovery when accessing the macro file.
  19. Fixed a bug dealing with the "Wait for Webpage" command.
  20. In converting from Macro Express 2000 to Macro Express 3, the and commands were missed. This has been resolved.
  21. Fixed several problems with the macro scheduler.
  22. Added a mechanism where the user can use variables in the attachment field of the "E-Mail Send" command.
  23. Floating menus now run the macro in the previously activated window.
  24. Disabled macros no longer run in popup and floating menus.
  25. Fixed a bug where deleted macros would still appear in popup and floating menus.
  26. Fixed a bug where Macro Express would accidentally delete an extra character in Microsoft Word when using ShortKeys.
  27. Shortened the length of the caption for the password protection dialogs for the file.
  28. Fixed an access violation that occurred when in networking mode.
  29. Fixed a bug where Macro Express could not create a folder over a network connection.
  30. Fixed the "Set Variable to ASCII Character Value" command. It now accepts spaces as a valid character.
  31. Made a few changes to make the autorestore hooks option work more reliably.
  32. Fixed a conversion error that occurred when converting scheduled macros from Macro Express 2000 to Macro Express 3.
  33. Fixed a bug when copying and pasting items in the Direct Editor. Certain characters were being replaced with different characters.
  34. Fixed a bug that occurred when using extra large fonts in the editors. The script items were being truncated because they were too large. This has been fixed.
  35. Reenabled the Past/Future fields in the Date/Time command when using variables.
  36. Fixed a bug where error messages were not being suppressed when using the option to hide errors in the Log Errors command.
  37. Fixed the copying and pasting of the "Wait For Text" command.
  38. Added an error message when a command attempts to find a control and the control cannot be located. The macro will abort.
  39. The abort message is no longer displayed when a user uses the X button to cancel a variable set from prompt command.
  40. We are now catching floating point stack overflows and reporting the information to the user. In the case of an overflow, the macro is halted.
  41. Added code to correctly import the Pause command from Keyboard Express and Macro Express 2000.
  42. Added the ability to copy, cut and paste to edit fields that are restricted in what characters can be entered (i.e. a field that only allows numbers did not support copy, cut and paste previously).
  43. Fixed a bug with the macro file routines where Macro Express would not accept a new macro file name. A loop was entered where it would ask for a new file but not accept the new file.
  44. Added the ability to set the Macro Express preferences during a silent install.
  45. Fixed a bug that occurred on some computers where a file was created in folder where the installation file is located.
  46. Fixed the "Wait for Keystroke" command.
  47. Added commands to convert an integer to an ASCII character and to convert a character to an ASCII value.
  48. Added an option to not turn the CAPS lock off when starting a macro.
  49. Fixed a couple of bugs when importing Keyboard Express commands.
  50. Added the ability to import Keyboard Express 3.x files.
  51. The "Variable Set Integer" and "Variable Set Decimal" now accepts
  52. N and D variables in the initial value field.
  53. Improved the reliability of the option to attach thread inputs when activating windows.
  54. Made an adjustment to the Activate Window commands.
  55. Fixed the syntax checker where it displayed incorrect error messages when there is an error in the script.
  56. After using the "Get Control" utility and hiding Macro Express, Macro Express will reappear in its previous state.
  57. Timed macros now calculate their next run time based on the time that the macro last began to run rather than the time when the macro last finished.
  58. Fixed a bug with the Switch command. It still wasn't finding the appropriate End Switch command.
  59. Fixed a bug in the Window Reposition command that caused the window title to get messed up when copying and pasting and editing the command.
  60. Fixed a bug where the modified flag would be set when switching from one editor to the other.
  61. Fixed a couple of bugs that caused the program to report that there were two or more conflicting hotkeys if there were macros in the Macro Recycle Bin.
  62. Fixed a bug that caused passwords to get messed up when making a change to the macro from the Macro Explorer.
  63. The edit password is now required in order to make any changes to the macro from the Macro Explorer (i.e. renaming, enabling/disabling, deleting...).
  64. Increased the speed at which the log file is loaded when viewing the macro properties. This should decrease the delay when displaying the properties.
  65. Fixed the display of the "Dial-Up Networking: Hang Up" command. Removed an extra "g".
  66. Fixed a crash that occurred when right-clicking on the system tray icon.
  67. Fixed a precision bug in the decimal variable commands.
  68. Changed "Incremental Counter" to "Repeat Counter" in the Repeat Dialog box and in the help.
  69. Fixed a bug where the If Window commands would detect a window and any Wait for Window commands which immediately followed would not.
  70. Fixed a bug that caused dialog boxes in the editor to hide behind the main window when the program is activated from the system tray.

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