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Version 3.0d

  1. Fixed a bug with copy and paste of "Variable Modify String: Save to Environment Variable" command.
  2. Fixed the custom fonts in the editors.
  3. Made a modification to the controls so that they won't stall if a program has stalled.
  4. Made a modification to the hotkey selection dialogs that will now display the known reserved system keys in red.
  5. Fixed a bug where 12:00am would be displayed as 0:00am when using the Time command.
  6. Made more modifications to Window Activation.
  7. Made some more modifications to properly detect window activated macros.
  8. Fixed a range check error in the Editor when debugging.
  9. Made a modification to the Reset Hooks script command to make it more reliable.
  10. Added reminder when program expiration date is near.
  11. Added a small delay when a popup menu calls a Window or Program Specific macro to allow Windows time to remove the popup menu before the macro runs.
  12. Made a modification to the Window Activated macros that should make the activation type more reliable.
  13. Fixed a bug where the Find dialog could be placed underneath the editor's window after clicking on the system tray icon.
  14. Made a modification to the Window Activated macros that should make the activation type more reliable.
  15. Fixed a bug where any dialog could be placed underneath the editor's window after clicking on the system tray icon.
  16. Fixed a bug that allowed the script changes to be lost when not selecting a program/window for the respective scope and changing back to the Explorer.
  17. Fixed a bug where the ASCII File Process commands were being saved as Text File Process commands.
  18. Fixed a potential problem with the If Window not on Top, If Program not running, If Folder does not Exist and If File does not Exist commands.
  19. Fixed a crash that occurred when running a submenu from a menu, which was run from a macro.
  20. Modified an option in the preferences panel to differentiate between the two error paths.
  21. Fixed a bug where the Text File Process commands only browsed through .csv files.
  22. Fixed a bug that displayed an error about a mismatched "End If" when the "Default Case" command was used.
  23. Fixed bug that crashed Macro Express when two Text Boxes were visible when the macro was aborted.
  24. Fixed the If File Ready command.
  25. Fixed bug in ASCII Text File Process where if a file that only one field per line and no commas on the line, the last letter is dropped.
  26. Fixed a bug in the Variable Modify String - Delete Part of Text.
  27. The FTP Delete File command now accepts variables.
  28. The user can now set the directory that error logs will be written to.
  29. Made some modifications to detect an erroneous condition in the capturing unit.
  30. Fixed a bug that occurred when emptying the Recycle Bin. Menus would get messed up. This no longer occurs.
  31. Fixed the displaying of the macro abort message. The message was not being displayed at the appropriate times.
  32. Fixed a bug that occurred when importing a macro file after double-clicking on a file to load it. The appropriate file now stays loaded in memory.
  33. Fixed a display issue where several dialogs and messages in the editor would occasionally go behind the main window.
  34. Fixed a bug where, when cancelling out of the change icon dialog, the dialog actually didn't cancel the operation.
  35. Made an adjustment to the window activated macros in order to detect windows that weren't working correctly.
  36. Fixed a bug in the shortkey macro activation. If "Use Suffix"and "Retype Suffix"are selected, the macro would only play back every other time.
  37. Fixed the "Restore Defaults" for the Delays preferences panel.
  38. Changed the All Users Use Same Settings option to default to true.
  39. The All Users Use Same Settings flag will no longer be invisible if the user does not have write access to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Instead, it will be disabled.
  40. When loading a macro file with the Read Only flag set, clicking the Cancel button will now terminate Macro Express.
  41. When backing up the macro file, if the backup file exists, any read-only flags will be turned off before performing the backup.
  42. When modifying a macro's properties in the Explorer, if any changes have been made, the program will now prompt the user before cancelling the dialog.
  43. Resolved a bug where, if a macro was activated by a window title, a window with that text could not be minimized.
  44. Increased the reliability of the window activated macros.
  45. Resolved incompatibilities with several programs.
  46. Fixed a problem when ASCII File Process and/or Text File Process were nested.
  47. Increased the delay prior to detecting the foreground window when stepping through a macro. This was done to better ensure that we have captured the correct foreground window.
  48. Made some adjustments to increase the speed and to decrease the system resource usage of the file commands.
  49. Modified the routine that executes Internet Explorer 4.0 specific commands so that an attempt to execute the specified function is made prior to checking for Internet Explorer. If the function fails, then the check will be made.
  50. Modified the "Variable Set Decimal From Clipboard"command to work better with MS Excel.
  51. Fixed the Load Macro Text File command. Carriage returns/line feeds are no longer ignored.
  52. Modified the <alt> keystroke command to release the key if it is already pressed. This should alieviate several problems when using double alts.
  53. Added some error checking around the system capture hotkey in the Capture dialog (the one in the Editor).
  54. Fixed the Copy File to Clipboard command so that carriage returns are added correctly.
  55. Added message, WM_USER + 201, that retrieves the list of macro nicknames. These are placed in the clipboard, separated by carriage return/line feed sequences. The last item in the list is not followed by the carriage return/line feed sequence.
  56. Fixed a bug in the list of installed programs window where the common Start menu was not listed.
  57. Fixed an I/O error 32 bug that occurred when restarting Macro Express.
  58. Fixed a bug where the tooltip for the system tray icon was not always updated properly.
  59. Fixed a conversion error where macros scheduled for the afternoon on Macro Express 2000 would be scheduled for the morning on Macro Express 3.
  60. Fixed a bug in the program scope that could keep a program from running when the scope is set to program running.
  61. Fixed a bug in the file association logic.
  62. Added RegisterWindowMessage option to the Post Message command.
  63. Fixed a bug that was causing the Text Type command to slow down.
  64. Fixed conversion error in the "Variable Modify Integer - Set From Position of Text" command.
  65. Fixed a bug in the Multiple Choice Menu that displayed several items multiple times.
  66. Popup and Floating menus no longer display vertical scrollbars.
  67. Fixed a bug where the keys Alt+Shift+6 through Alt+Shift+9 were being misdetected.
  68. Fixed a bug that caused the program to not leave debugging mode after debugging a macro.
  69. Made some modifications to the window controls to hopefully improve their reliability.
  70. Decreased the update interval to the taskbar icon hint.
  71. Fixed a bug where breakpoints would be hit when not debugging a macro.
  72. Macros that are disabled are now italicized and disabled in floating and popup menus.
  73. The Wait commands no longer accept a maximum wait time of 0:00. The user must enter at least a one second wait time.
  74. Fixed a bug that occurred when attempting to backup the macro file. The backup path could not always be created.
  75. Fixed a bug where blank lines in a multiple choice menu caused the items to display incorrectly.
  76. Fixed a range check error that occurred when converting Macro Express 2000 macros.
  77. Fixed a bug where the Rename File or Files command did not allow the user to rename multiple files using wildcards.
  78. Fixed an access violation that occasionally occurred when loading a control-activated macro.
  79. Made some modifications to increase the overall performance of the program.
  80. Reduced the number of CPU cycles needed to process the Wait commands.
  81. When a popup menu is closed, Windows will now decide which window gets focus next. Generally, this window will be whatever was focused prior to the menu.
  82. Fixed all crashes associated with Find/Replace options.
  83. When suppressing the abort message, the focus will shift to the correct application when the abort hotkey is pressed.
  84. When test running a macro, if the macro calls another macro, and the called macro has a breakpoint, then Macro Express will display the breakpoint and function correctly from that point on.
  85. When converting a script into its text equivalent, breakpoints are no longer converted as disabled commands. However, the breakpoint is still lost.
  86. Corrected an error that caused Time Out scheduled macros to run at varying lengths of time.
  87. Fixed a divide by zero error that occurred when a Time Out macro was scheduled to run every 0 minutes after x minutes of idle time.
  88. The FTP Get File command to return a more specific result for each transfer.
  89. The List of Installed Programs will no longer display duplicate entries.
  90. Fixed the help file entry for "Load Macro Text File".
  91. Fixed a bug in the activate commands that would sometimes cause Macro Express to activate invisible windows first, therefore appearing that Macro Express had failed. Now, visible windows get priority.
  92. Added the "Break" key as an available macro abort key. Most keyboards will the Control+Pause key to generate the Break key.
  93. Fixed a bug that occurred during playback. The If/End If constructs were being detected incorrectly.
  94. Fixed a bug that caused Macro Express to display the default icon if a macro was using an icon from the Macro Express executables.
  95. When minimizing the Macro Express editor window, the window that is underneath will get the focus.
  96. Fixed a bug where certain files from Keyboard Express and ShortKeys could not be imported.
  97. Fixed a bug in the syntax checking where the program would incorrectly report a mismatched mouse button down and mouse button up pair when the user had entered them correctly into the program. This should also cause any other invalid syntax errors to automatically disappear.

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