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Version 3.0b

  1. Fixed a crash when using the Variable Modify String INI option and the section or value fields are blank.
  2. Fixed a bug that occurred when using a multiple choice menu that had variables in the items list.
  3. Fixed a bug where the All Categories category would not become selected when opening a new file.
  4. Fixed a bug that occurred when syntax checking a macro. The End Ifs were not always checked correctly.
  5. Fixed a bug in the script cache where the macros could get confused.
  6. Fixed a bug where, when clicking on a view option under Options | View, the last item checked remained checked.
  7. Increased the default delay of the Terminate Process command to 100ms.
  8. Increased the number of items in the Most Recently Used list and fixed thelogic that determines what is listed.
  9. Fixed a bug that caused an access violation when using Text Boxes.
  10. Fixed a bug where the Copy File/Files command did not work properly when not selecting the "Show Progress" option.
  11. Fixed an error message that would display the variable used for the filename, instead of the filename, in the Clipboard File Copy command.
  12. Allow variables to be used in email prompts.
  13. Fixed MeProc so that the appropriate command line is sent to Macro Express.
  14. Fixed a bug where, when entering items in the Multiple Choice Menu, the item numbers would disappear in Windows XP.
  15. Fixed a bug that caused Macro Express to stall when attempting to launch a program while a CPU intensive application is running. 2/04/02 Fixed a time conversion error that would display a message similar to "'8:47 AM' is an invalid time".
  16. Modified the "Window Activated" macros logic.
  17. The running program list is now updated when windows are closed.
  18. Made some changes to fix a bug where windows that were activated would still have deactivated title bars. This could cause some problems when using the capture option to get the scope of a macro.
  19. Fixed inconsistencies in the Run on Windows Startup option.
  20. The help button on the Capture Complete form now brings up help when clicked.
  21. Decreased the CPU processing needed to execute the "Wait for Program Terminate" command.
  22. Modified some things to allow the "Auto Restore Keyboard Hooks" option to function correctly.
  23. Fixed a bug where the indentation of the script would be wrong.
  24. The syntax checker now warns the user if there is a command (other than a remark) between an If statement and its logical operator.
  25. The program now correctly handles wait statements combined with a logical operator placed inside of an If statement.
  26. The program now accepts nested switch statements.
  27. If no time is set in the "Delay" commands, the editor will no longer crash.
  28. When using the Dial-Up Networking command, if the dial-up entries cannot be listed, an error message is displayed.
  29. Made a modification that allows macros that should run when the macro file is loaded to be queued if another macro is currently running.
  30. MeProc will now look in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for the last path Macro Express ran from if all of the users on the computer are using the same settings.
  31. After downloading a file using the "FTP Get File" command, Macro Express will check the file size to determine if the file was successfully downloaded.
  32. Fixed a bug where, if the user has networking turned on, the editor visible and uses a macro run command, the editor would ask for the edit password for the file again.
  33. Added "Open Folder" script command. It's identical to "Open Folder in Explorer", but doesn't have the folders list on the left side.
  34. Fixed an accelerator key conflict in the Activation page of the editors. ShortKey and HotKey conflicted. Now ShortKey can be selected by pressing Alt+R.
  35. After closing a popup or floating menu, the window underneath should now get focus.
  36. If the backup options have become corrupted, Macro Express will make an attempt to fix them.
  37. When test running a macro, if a breakpoint is hit, the user can either continue the macro by pressing F9 or step through the macro using F8. At any point during a step through, the user can press F9 to play the macro normally.
  38. Fixed problem that caused the reminder panel to say the program expires January 01, 9999.
  39. Fixed a bug in converting ShortKeys from Macro Express 2000 to Macro Express 3. If there was some corruption in the file, the ShortKey case sensitivity settings now default to "None".
  40. When using the "Capture Control" command, the command can now differentiate between two instances of the same program.
  41. Added a 1/2 second delay between the time that a user clicks on "Start Capture" and when the program begins a capture. This should hopefully resolve a problem where the Macro Express Editor would occasionally be chosen as the scope for a program specific macro that is being captured.
  42. Fixed a bug in the "Rename File" command.
  43. Fixed a bug that caused the "If Variable" command to not calculate the result correctly.
  44. When a macro interrupts another macro, the original macro's state is preserved. When the interrupting macro finishes, the original macro's state is restored. Note: the interrupting macro can modify the contents of the variables.
  45. When using a "Macro Run" command, if the file needs to be updated and network and autosync mode are turned on, the file will be updated before running the specified macro.
  46. Fixed a bug that caused the "If Message" command to be copied and pasted incorrectly, causing subsequent commands to fail.
  47. The "Clipboard Save Graphic" command will no longer crash when the path to the file doesn't exist. Instead, the path will be created.
  48. Fixed all bugs relating to the swapping of the mouse buttons.
  49. Removed ability to select Windows Metafile for the "Clipboard Save Graphic" command because the command can not actually save the graphic in Windows Metafile format.
  50. Clipboard Save Graphic functions now work properly.
  51. No longer remove all spaces from the url in Web Site and Web FTP Site commands.
  52. The registry write and read commands can now read and write to the Default value.
  53. Modified the system hotkey, "Run Macro Express Editor", so that the hotkey will work even if the license has expired.
  54. Fixed a problem where ShortKey activated macros would take a significant amount of time to launch.
  55. Fixed a bug where the player would get confused as to whether or not a macro was running when using a menu inside a "Macro Run" command.
  56. Fixed a bug where Macro Express would crash when choosing an icon file that had no icons in it.
  57. Fixed conversion error that occured when converting from a macro file without any system macros.
  58. Fixed a bug that occurred when switching a menu between floating and popup. If the menu was originally a popup menu with the type set to "Windows Default", the resulting floating menu will switch to the "Nickname" menu type.
  59. Fixed a bug that caused Macro Express 2000 files that were converted to not reset the categories appropriately.
  60. Fixed a bug that caused Macro Express to crash when attempting to divide by zero.
  61. Attempted to fix a resource leak that occurs when using a control-activated macro.
  62. Fixed all bugs dealing with the Find and Replace dialog in the Direct Editor.
  63. Fixed a bug that occurred when the "If Dialup" command was nested inside of any other if commands.
  64. Fixed a bug where using the "Rename Folder" command did not always work.
  65. Importing program configurations will now restore the proper macro file as well.
  66. Fixed a bug where ShortKeys that were 10 characters in length would not be activated.
  67. If a user has two or more macros which should be activated when a specific window is activated, all of the macros will be launched. This will be done in the order of creation. Following the window activated macros will be all of the control activated macros that are supposed to be launched. This will also occur in order of macro creation.
  68. Modified the logic in the "Launch and Activate" commands to increase the reliability of activating the newest window.
  69. Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur when using the "If Ping Successful" command.
  70. Fixed a bug where if the mouse buttons were swapped, the mouse buttons would be captured incorrectly.
  71. Modified the display text for the "Get Pixel" command.
  72. Added the ability to back up the macro file.
  73. All commands now support the user's regional settings.
  74. The FTP Get and Send commands now run on their own threads. This has the effect of not stalling the program and allowing the user to halt the macro in the middle of a transfer.
  75. Fixed a bug that caused imported categories to crash the program.
  76. Fixed an error that occurred when a user placed wildcards in the filename in the file manipulation commands.
  77. Fixed a bug that caused Macro Express to report that it couldn't append to a blank filename when using the "Variable Modify String" command.
  78. Fixed a crash that occurred when pressing the abort keys while a dialog box (i.e. TextBox) was beginning to display.
  79. Modified the hook code in order to prevent program crashes and slowdowns.
  80. Fixed a bug in the "Get Pixel" command.
  81. Made some adjustments to the "Window Hide/Window Show" commands to hopefully make them more reliable.
  82. Added an error message that will be displayed when the user attempts to restore the file associations and he/she does not have access rights to the appropriate registry keys.
  83. Fixed a bug that caused Macro Express to hang when a user had an invalid character in a filename when using any of the file manipulation commands.
  84. It is no longer necessary to enter the license code for each user login name. However, in order for this to work in Windows NT, 2000, and XP, the license code must be entered when logged in with administrative rights.
  85. The Text File Begin Process and ASCII File Begin Process commands now open the input file in Read Only mode instead of Read/Write mode.
  86. Changed the functionality of the "Open Folder in Explorer" command to include the folder list, just as in Macro Express 2000.
  87. Added the "View" menu option to the "Options" menu so the user can select the view for the Macro Explorer.
  88. Fixed a bug where the user could not copy, cut or paste notes in the Script and Direct editors.
  89. Added scroll bars to the "Notes" fields in the Macro Properties, Script Editor, Direct Editor and Menu Builder windows.
  90. Modified macdef.exe to reset the machine configuration in addition to the user configuration.
  91. Fixed a crash that occasionally occurred when a macro was converted from Macro Express 2000 and it's category was not.
  92. Fixed a bug in the "Copy Macro" dialog that caused several problems including macros no longer working, program appearing to freeze, etc.
  93. Added an option that allows the user to determine if the program will use the same settings for all users on the computer.
  94. Fixed a bug where the Icon notification window did not appear on top all of the time.
  95. Fixed a bug where the user could not enter a window title when copying a macro.
  96. Fixed a bug where the Web Site command could not be used to bring up an html page from local hard drive.
  97. Added some more logic to hopefully help the "Activate Window" commands.
  98. If a macro file fails to load and crashes Macro Express, the next time Macro Express runs, it will warn that the file is bad.
  99. Fixed a bottleneck that caused the Macro Explorer to come up very slowly.
  100. Fixed a major resource leak that occurred on Win9x machines when scrolling up or down in the Macro Explorer.
  101. Fixed a bug where if a popup or floating menu had a popup or floating menu item in the menu, and the menu mode was set to "First Part of Macro", the program would crash.
  102. Added a command-line option ('/IC') that allows the user to specify a configuration file to import.
  103. Added the ability to import and export the program's configuration to and from INI files.
  104. Macro Express now checks to see if mexhook.dll and iCapture.dll are the correct version in case there was an error during installation.
  105. Fixed a bug where the macro categories were not always sorted after entering a new category.
  106. Fixed a bug where the sort order would get messed up after using Shift+Delete to delete a macro.
  107. Fixed a range check error that would occasionally occur when attempting to run the "Menu of Topmost Macros" system macro.
  108. Added a warning message to indicate whether or not there are any macros whose icons can not be found.
  109. The default filter for the "FTP List Directory" command has been changed to nothing (so that all files will be displayed by default).
  110. Fixed a bug in the "Password" command that crashed if the password was left blank.
  111. Fixed a bug that crashed the program when a variable is entered into a filename field in any command.
  112. Fixed a bug that caused an "Invalid Time to Encode" error in the Player.
  113. The Floating and Popup menus now respond appropriately to the "Window Resize" command.
  114. Fixed a bug that caused an Access Violation when displaying the Explorer.
  115. When in the edit field in the "Encrypted Text" dialog, pressing the ESC key will close the dialog.
  116. Fixed a bug that caused an Access Violation when macros of 0 length were run multiple times.
  117. Resolved all known issues with the FTP commands.
  118. Fixed a problem where some ShortKey macros would not run if there was both a global macro and a program/window specific ShortKey with the same activation.
  119. Fixed a problem where the Script Font was not saving correctly.
  120. The registry commands now work properly with Windows 95.
  121. Fixed a problem where some international characters could not be entered while Macro Express was running.
  122. Fixed a bug with windows activated macros.
  123. Fixed a bug that would make the "Variable To Save" text in the "Variable Modify String" say "Variable To Trim" when modifying the command after it has already been saved.
  124. Added "FTP Delete File" command.
  125. Every field that allows the user to type in text like %T1%, will now process the variables appropriately.

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