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Version 3.0a

  1. Fixed a bug in the "Variable Modify String Append Text" command where it was not parsing variables.
  2. Removed "File Already Exists" message from "Variable Modify String Append to Text File".
  3. Fixed a bug in the "Variable Modify String" command where the ">" character was not allowed in the Append Text option.
  4. Fixed a bug in the "If Variable" command where the case was not always ignored even though the option was set.
  5. Fixed a bug in the "Switch/Case" commands that caused the decimal values to not be compared properly.
  6. Fixed a conversion error where the Encrypted Text command would save the wrong variable.
  7. When converting a popup menu to a floating menu, if the menu was defined as a "Windows Default" popup menu, it will be converted to a "Nickname and Scope" menu.
  8. Fixed the missing help topic for the "Window Commands" dialog.
  9. Added a help topic for the Capture window.
  10. In fields that allow negative symbols (i.e. '-'), Macro Express will now accept whatever the regional setting is for the negative symbol.
  11. Fixed a bug that would appear after a macro has disabled itself. The macros in the explorer would appear in a random order.
  12. Fixed a bug when attempting to use the "Save As" file menu option. The message that indicates that you cannot save the file over the current file now displays correctly.
  13. In fields that allow a decimal symbol (i.e. '.'), Macro Express will now accept whatever the regional setting is for the decimal symbol.
  14. Fixed a bug in the ShortKey activations that occurred when two shortkeys (such as ##Acdb and ##ac) exist. The first macro would not activate.
  15. Fixed an access violation that occurred after clicking on the Cancel option of a default style popup menu.
  16. Added a command that will allow the user to extract the date/time components of a file and process a file path.
  17. When Macro Express is suspended, the Test Run buttons in the editors now display the hint "Macro Express is Suspended".
  18. Fixed a bug where the existence of a file was not checked in the FTP Send command.
  19. Fixed several bugs that occurred when copying and pasting the FTP commands. The variable was getting messed up.
  20. Fixed an access violation that occurred when attempting to run a system macro or a menu with the "Macro Run" command.
  21. Changed the color of the SMTP login and password fields when they are disabled.
  22. Fixed a bug where if the user selected a file using the /F parameter, the new file will be loaded and the old file will be ignored.
  23. Macro Express will no longer allow the user to start a capture when a previous capture has not yet completed.
  24. Made a change to keep exenames containing a '?' symbol from being selected in the program scope after capturing a macro.
  25. Fixed a bug where Macro Express was dependent upon the WinInet.dll library. Macro Express no longer requires this.
  26. Fixed a problem where certain international keystrokes could not be typed while Macro Express was running.
  27. Fixed a bug that caused the "Capture Mouse Relative to Last Position" capturing option to not work correctly.
  28. Added several new commands:
      "FTP List Directory"
      "FTP Keep Alive"
      "FTP Get Current Directory"
      "FTP Get Filesize"
      "FTP Rename File"
  29. Added a flag to the "Text Box Display" command that will cause the window underneath the text box to immediately regain focus when the text box displays.
  30. The FTP Get and Send commands now support wildcards.
  31. Added "If File Ready" and "If Not File Ready" commands.
  32. Added a button in several commands that use window titles that will allow the user to select from the running windows.
  33. Added "Save/Restore Control Variables" command option to variable save/restore commands.
  34. Added an option under the Delay Preferences to utilize the high speed hardware timer in later Pentium class chips in millisecond delays.
  35. Fixed a conversion error where the "If Variable Contains" did not ignore the case-sensitivity by default when converting from Macro Express 2000.
  36. When writing a registry value to a key that does not exist, the key will be created before the value is written.
  37. Fixed a problem where importing Weekly macros were off by one day.
  38. The notes for a floating menu are now saved from the "Macro Properties" dialog.
  39. In the "Macro Properties" dialog (available from the Explorer), the user can now change a floating menu to a popup menu and vice versa.
  40. The dialog box in the "Variable Set String from Folder" should now appear on top.
  41. The "If Window Running" command will now detect windows that are invisible, but still running.
  42. If a registry value does not exist, then the specified variable will not be modified when attempting to use the "Registry Read" commands.
  43. When using a system tray icon to popup a menu, the menu will now appear near the icon.
  44. Fixed the "Show Window" command.
  45. The "Macro Controls" dialog box now displays the nickname of the current macro.
  46. Fixed a bug that forced users to press the Shift key when attempting to run a lettered macro from a menu.
  47. Fixed a problem where deleting macros from the Recycle Bin could cause a Range Check Error.
  48. Fixed a problem where the filename was getting truncated after a copy and paste of the "Variable Modify String" command.
  49. Fixed a problem where the fonts would get screwed up after the program crashes.
  50. Repaired several memory leak errors throughout the program.

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