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Version 3.0

Macro Express 3 has a brand new look and feel. We have added over 100 new commands to provide more power and flexibility. The top 10 enhancements are:

  1. The limit of 5000 characters per macro has been removed.
  2. Each macro file can contain an unlimited number of macros.
  3. Significantly improved the Wait for Web Page to Load command.
  4. A new set of commands that allows macros to take actions based on a window control - such as a button, edit box, title bar, etc. This allows macros to work with child windows (windows within windows) and much more.
  5. Besides password protecting individual macros, you can now password protect entire macro files or require a password when Macro Express starts up.
  6. We have added many new scheduling options for the playback of macros. Practically any type of schedule can be established.
  7. A number of new FTP commands have been added. Make, change or delete directories/folders using FTP commands. Retrieve or send files, connect or disconnect, and more.
  8. The Windows Registry commands allow you to read or write to the registry as well as create or delete registry keys.
  9. New And/Or/XOr commands have been included, along with Switch and Case commands to enhance conditional statements. Several new If commands have been added such as If Ping Successful, If Operating System version and If Online.
  10. The program now allows use of a variable in any field - (Text, Number or Decimal). A Random Letter variable command was added to complement the Random Number variable command.

Release Notes for Current Version

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