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June 17, 2008

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  1 - Macro Express v 3.7d
  2 - From the Support department: Activating Excel windows
  3 - From the Support department: Excel and the clipboard
  4 - Sample Macro: Get Next Day
  5 - From the discussion forum: Use Search box to enter commands
  6 - Tip: Check to see if UAC is enabled on Windows Vista
  7 - Past issues of the Macro Express News

 1 - Macro Express v 3.7d

Macro Express v 3.7d has been released and is now available for download from All licensed Macro Express 3 users may download and install this update without cost.

The changes include the following fixes:
  1. When debugging a macro, the F9 key will now continue the macro until the macro has completed.
  2. Fixed some problems assigning icons to macros.
  3. Fixed a bug in the "Macro Commands" dialog where expanding the treeview of macros resulted in duplicated macros.
  4. If Use Text Type Delay is enabled and Text Type Delay is 0, the Text Type Delay is automatically set to 300.
  5. Fixed a bug in the "Capture Control" command.
View a complete list of changes by visiting:

 2 - From the Support department: Activating Excel windows

Recently we have had a few people report problems with activating the correct Excel workbook when multiple worksheets are open. Looking into this problem we discovered several (more) eccentricities with Excel. In order to activate the correct worksheet we had to make the following adjustments:

 a) Ungroup the similar taskbar buttons. To do this right-click on the Taskbar and left-click on the Properties menu item. In the Taskbar tab, make sure that the "Group similar taskbar buttons" is not selected. This displays each worksheet with a separate taskbar button, instead of grouping them into a menu.

 b) Only use the worksheet name in the Activate Window command. Do not include 'Microsoft Excel' or 'Excel' as part of the window title.

Here's an example using 5 open worksheets - Book1, Book2, Book3, Book4 and Book5, with Book1 having focus. If I open Windows Task Manager to view the Applications currently running, it lists the following applications:

  Microsoft Excel - Book1, Book1, Book2, Book3, Book4 and Book5.

Entering Book2 as the window title in the Activate Window command will activate the correct window. The macro fails if Microsoft Excel - Book2 is entered, because the title cannot be found.

 3 - From the Support department: Excel and the clipboard

We frequently receive questions about another Excel eccentricity. If a macro copies the content of a cell in Excel to the clipboard and then copies the clipboard to a variable, comparing the content of the variable with an 'If Variable =' (equals) command will fail. The reason is that Excel copies additional, unexpected characters to the clipboard. The additional characters consist of a newline or, in other words, a carriage return followed by a line feed.

To fix this in your macro, insert a 'Variable Modify String: Trim' command after copying information from a cell in Excel via the clipboard. Highlight a cell in Excel and run these macro commands:

    Clipboard Copy
    Variable Set String %T1% from Clipboard
    Variable Modify String: Trim %T1%

This issue was recently discussed on the discussion forum. See for more details.

 4 - Sample Macro: Get Next Day

Many customers need their macros to calculate dates. Macro Express has commands to get the current date. The Date/Time macro command will even return dates in the past or future, however, these are all based off of the current date. Steve Kunkel submitted a macro that calculates the next day with any starting date. Check out his macro by visiting

Other available macros to calculate dates:

  Date Time -
  Date Time Difference Calculator -
  PGM Functions Library -

 5 - Tip: Use the Search box to enter commands

When writing a macro the 'Commands' pane in Macro Express shows categories of macro commands. It can sometimes be difficult to find specific macro commands if you do not know which category it is in.

I rarely use the command categories directly. Instead I use the 'Search' box to find macro commands. Once you get used to it this method is very fast and easy. Do the following to try it:

  - Type Alt+Down Arrow to go to the search box
  - Type a part of the command you want
  - Watch the categories change as you type
  - Press the Enter key to enter the command in the script

 6 - Tip: Check to see if UAC is enabled on Windows Vista

When writing macros for Windows Vista you have to make sure that the macro works when the User Account Control (UAC) is enabled or disabled. To have your macro find out if UAC is enabled use the 'Read Registry Integer' command to read the registry value:

    HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System EnableLUA

If the result is 0, UAC is disabled. If the result is 1, it is enabled.

 7 - Past issues of the Macro Express News

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