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April 21, 2010

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Macro Express Pro v ME Pro

Macro Express Pro v is now available from This release of Macro Express Pro contains enhancements and a number of bug fixes including:

  • Added 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' to the 'Wait for Keypress' command.
  • Added a 'Window Move and Size' command that will move and size a window in a single command.
  • Added 'Enter' as a functional hotkey.
  • Added an option to the 'Window Title' scope to include or exclude hidden windows from the scope test.
  • When using the 'Run Macro In Variable' command, the user can enter \c to enter ASCII characters.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Macro Enable/Disable' commands would not update popup menu system tray icons correctly.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when completing a capture.

A complete list of changes is available on the version Release Notes or the Revision History pages.

Tip: Date/Time command, flexible and capable ME - ME Pro

Macro Express allows you to include dates and times in your macros. With the Date/Time macro command your macro can type a date or time directly into a program and put the date and time into either a string or date/time variable. This command is very flexible. With it you can include all or part of the date with long and short formats and all or part of the time in either 24 hour format or am/pm format.

The Date/Time command, included in both Macro Express and Macro Express Pro, replaces the separate and less capable Date and Time commands in Macro Express 3. When a macro is loaded into Macro Express Pro all Date and Time commands are automatically converted to use the Date/Time command.

Recent questions to our support people about the Date/Time command indicate that many do not understand how powerful and flexible this command is.

On the Date/Time dialog, under the Operation tab, the 'Choose a Date/Time Format' field allows you to choose a specific format. Some of the choices are:

  Use this To display this  
  dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy Wednesday, April 20, 2010 Long day of week and Long Month format defined in Windows
  M/d/yyyy 4/9/2010 No leading zeros
  hh'.'nn'.'ss 22.09.15 Hour, minute, second
  hh','nn','ss am/pm 10,11,16 pm 12 hour format with am or pm

But, did you know you can define your own format? One that is not listed? The format can even include text characters. It can include parts of the date such as year, month, day in both numeric format and words in your language. Parts of time from hours down to milliseconds can be included. Times can be represented in 24 hour format or 12 hour format. Use the date and time separator characters defined in Windows or specify your own. In short, you would find it hard to think of a date or time format that the Date/Time command cannot support.

Here are a few examples:

  Use this To display this  
  yyyy'.'mm'.'dd'.'hh'.'nn'.'ss'.'zzz 2010. Year, month,day, hour, minute, second, millisecond
  dd/mm/yy 4/19/2010 Uses the date separator defined in Windows
  '~bak'mmddyyyy ~bak04192010 Include the date when backing up a file
  '['yyyymmmdd']' [2010Apr19] Special characters make the date stand out
  ss' sec' 'zzz' ms' 53 sec 429 ms Seconds and milliseconds
  mmmm' 'dd', 'yyyy April 20, 2010 Long month format defined in Windows
  mmm 'dd', 'yyyy Sep 23, 2010 Short month format defined in Windows

A complete list of these options is available in the Date/Time Modifiers section of the help file.

Tip: Color script commands ME Pro

The longer your macro, the harder it becomes to read and understand. Comments not only describe what the macro is doing but can help by making it easier to read. But comments only go so far.

Macro Express Pro introduces another way to highlight sections of your macro. You can set the color and background of script commands by highlighting one or more commands, right-clicking, and choosing Set Text Color or Set Background color.


Shared Macro: Count Characters in Clipboard ME - ME Pro

Many websites and forms have a limit on the number of characters allowed. Only some display the number of characters used as you type. This can result in your input being truncated or rejected. Jim Sabean has a solution. Just copy the text to the clipboard and run Jim's Count Clipboard Chars macro. It will count the number of characters and display the result in a Text Box.

See the Count Clipboard Chars page for details and a link to download this macro.

Jim will receive a Macro Express T-shirt to thank him for sharing his macro.

Shared Macro: Get Free Space on a Drive ME Pro

Customer John Greiner asked "Is there a way to find the amount of free space on a drive and put it in a variable?" The answer "Unfortunately there is not a direct way to do this." prompted John to write a macro and to share it with us.

This macro also demonstrates how to use the Windows command prompt from a macro. Read about it on the Get Free Space page.

We will send John a Macro Express T-shirt for sending us his macro.

64-bit Windows support ME - ME Pro

Will Macro Express and Macro Express Pro run on a system running a 64-bit version of Windows? Absolutely.

Your 64-bit version of Windows is likely running both 32-bit and 64-bit programs. Macro Express and Macro Express Pro are 32 bit programs. Normally a 32-bit program cannot interact with a 64-bit program. Macro Express runs the small 64-bit program mex64.dll to interact with other 64-bit programs. This allows all processes (executables) to be available in macro scope and commands like Terminate Process that use the executable name of a program.

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