If tired of looking at the same Desktop Wallpaper day after day, set up macros to incorporate images into the wallpaper. After setup, just press a hot key to change the wallpaper. Or create several timed macros to change the wallpaper at regularly scheduled intervals. This option changes the desktop wallpaper or background. The wallpaper is automatically updated in the Active Desktop as well, if the Windows operating system supports it.



Script Editor > Expand System Category > Wallpaper



Clear the Wallpaper

Select this option to remove the current wallpaper. No image is displayed on the desktop.



Graphic File

Click on the browse button to find an image on the hard drive to use as the background wallpaper. A Windows Bitmap is the default file format. Other image file types that can be used are .jpg, .gif and .png. After locating the image, click on the Open button to save the file path/name.



Background Mode

Determine how to display the image on the desktop.





Tile Graphic

Makes copies of the image to tile across and fill the entire screen.

Center Graphic

Centers the image on the desktop

Stretch Graphic

Stretches the image to fill the entire screen.

Position Graphic

Position the image anywhere on the screen.



Graphic Position

When selecting the Position Graphic option, enter the X and Y screen coordinates to position the image on the desktop.