Wait for Control


This command allows the user to create a macro that waits for a specific Window Control to gain focus, become visible or become enabled. Or have the macro wait for their opposites - wait for control to lose focus, become invisible or become disabled. So, the user could write a macro that looks like the following:


      Wait for Control %C[1]% to be Enabled

      Mouse Click on Control %C[1]%


This would cause the macro to click on the control as soon as the control would allow.



Script Editor > Expand Timing Category > Wait for Control



Control to Wait For

First a Window Control variable needs to be defined in the macro. Then use this function to select the control for which the macro will wait.



Wait until the control

Select the status of the control. Choose from the following options - If the Control:



Does not Exist

Is Enabled

Is not Enabled

Is Visible

Is not Visible

Is Focused

Is not Focused





Wait Indefinitely

With this option checked, the macro does not resume until the Wait For action specified has occurred. 


Wait at most

With this option checked, the macro waits the number of hours, minutes and seconds specified for the Wait For action to occur. If that action does not take place within the specified time frame, the macro takes the action selected in the On Error tab.