Text Based Wizards


Below is a listing of each of the Text Based wizards available.



Create a Reminder

Create a reminder to be displayed at a specific time.


Create a reminder for an appointment or meeting

Create reminders for birthdays or anniversaries

Create reminders for a chore

Create reminders of an upcoming event               



Paste Text or Graphics

Paste Text or Graphic images into programs automatically.


Insert commonly used phrases, paragraphs or boilerplate into a Word Processor, Email and other programs such as:
     Answers to frequently asked questions
     Sales quotes
     Legal, Medical, Real Estate, etc documents

Insert graphic images into documents.



Type the Date or Time

Type the current, future or past date or time into programs.


Time stamp documents with today's date and time

Date and time stamp an email

Place yesterday's or tomorrow's date into a document



Type a Symbol

Place an international character or a symbol in programs.


Insert Western European Language characters including and more

Insert Western European Language punctuation such as ¡

Insert Math Symbols such as ‰

Insert Currency Symbols such as ¢ £ $

Insert Legal Symbols such as ® ©



Type Some Text

Have Text, Keystrokes and Symbols typed into programs automatically.


Insert into a Word Processor, Email and other programs commonly used phrases such as:
     Name, Address, Phone
     Headers & Footers
     EMail Taglines

Insert common keystrokes such as tabs or ALT commands to invoke menu options.



Macro Express - Explorer > Quick Wizards Button > Text-based Macros