System and Files Wizard


Below is a listing of each of the System and File wizards available.



Launch or Activate a Program

Launch a program or a document. Or switch to a program that is already running.


Switch to an E-Mail program if it is running; otherwise, launch and run it.

Open a Word Document

Open a spreadsheet document

Launch a database program



Reboot or Shut Down

Logoff, Reboot or Shut Down the computer.


Bypass explorer, task manager, etc.

Shut down and power off with a single command



Copy, Delete or Rename a file(s)

Copy, Delete, Rename Files.  Change current folder.


Backup files                  

Delete temporary files

Change folder prior to using an open dialog box



Change the display resolution.

Change or set the system's display resolution.


Maintain screen resolution preferences among multiple users

Develop presentations or html that is optimized for all screen resolutions

View graphics in high color resolutions

Maintain multiple settings for laptop and desktop



Change the Default Printer

Choose a Default Printer.


Switch between color and non color printers

Maintain printer preferences among multiple users

Quickly fax documents



Change Desktop Wallpaper

Change the desktop wallpaper.


Place favorite images on the desktop

Place a family picture on the desktop

Tile the image (multiple copies spread over the desktop)

Stretch, Center or Position the image on the desktop



Move or Resize a Window

Resize or Position a Window.


Automatically position windows anywhere on the screen.

Resize windows to allow perfect alignment of Windows

Position the top most window in the center, top corner or anywhere on the screen.



Maximize/Minimize a Window

Maximize, Minimize, Restore, Hide, Close Windows.


Maximize or Minimize the Top Most Window with a keystroke

Temporarily hide windows and then restore (unhide) them when needed

Shut down the Top Most program with a keystroke.



Open an Explorer Folder

Open up an Explorer Folder.


Go directly to a specified folder in Explorer

Clean up a cookie folder 

Clean up the temp folder 

Rearrange the start menu folders



Desktop Goodies

Cascade, Tile, Minimize or Restore All Windows. Undock and suspend computer.


Quickly unclutter the desktop

Align all windows on the desktop with a keystroke

Undock the computer from a docking station by pressing a key



Run Control Panel

Open up the Control Panel or run a Control Panel applet.


Quickly go directly to Internet Settings to make changes.

Quickly go directly to Display properties to make changes.

Quickly go directly to Network Options to make changes.

Quickly go directly to System Properties to make changes.

Quickly go directly to Accessibility Options to make changes.



Macro Express - Explorer > Quick Wizards Button > Works with Systems and Files