A shortkey is a set of characters such as abc, myname, etc. When the characters are typed into an application, the macro runs. To create a new macro with a shortkey, select the Shortkey option to display the shortkey edit box. In this field enter a series of characters from two to 32 characters in length.



Macro Express Explorer > Macro > Add Macro - Or click on New Macro Icon 


Note: Before using the Shortkey option be sure to first define the shortkey default settings. Click on Options > Preferences > Activations - Shortkeys tab to customize the settings.



Shortkey Specifications


Up to 32 characters may be entered as an original shortkey. In addition, up to 3 Prefix Keys may optionally be used and are applied to all original shortkeys created. The following Prefix characters may be entered and used:


The letters A through Z (both upper and lower case)

The numbers 0 through 9

The following characters: !  @  #  $  %  ^  &  _  =  <  >  ?  .  ;  ,  *  -  /  +  `  '  "  )  ] and space bar


Alternatively use the suffix key option and press the space bar, the enter key or a suffix character of . , : ; ? ! or - after typing the shortkey to activate the macro.





Macro Nickname

Optionally assign a name to the macro to more readily determine what the macro does.



Build as a Popup Menu

Select this option to open the Menu Builder window and create a popup menu.