Rich Text


Macro Express has the ability to play back text in a rich text format. Select the Paste Rich Text option from the drop down menu to display the rich text editor options. Create the rich text content directly in the Text Type command or copy the rich text from another source and paste it into the edit box.



Script Editor > Expand Keyboard Category > Text Type > Select Paste Rich Text from drop down menu




Paste Rich Text

With this option selected, the edit box supports rich text. Create macros with varying fonts, sizes, colors, etc. Highlight the text in the edit box and select from the rich text options described below.



Display text with bold, underline, italics and strike through features.



Left, center or right justify the text.



Choose from different font types, sizes and colors.


Colors such as clWindowText, clWindowFrame, clScrollBar are assigned to specific parts of the window. For example, on different computers clWindowText may be black, dark gray or white depending on the theme or custom color choices.



Things to consider when using Rich Text


If the "Paste Rich Text" option is selected, the text will always be pasted from the clipboard. Anything previously saved to the clipboard will be lost.

If the "Paste Rich Text" option is turned off after creating rich text and the Text Type command is saved, the rich text formatting is lost and will need to be reformatted, if desired.

If the application that Macro Express is pasting into doesn't support rich text, such as Notepad, then the text is pasted in plain text format.

Only the Tab, Enter and Num Pad Enter keys will play back correctly when being pasted through the clipboard. Other keys will just paste back their text equivalent, such as <Alt> or <CTRL>.


Variable values play back correctly when pasted in rich text format.