Registry Key


These commands create or delete Windows Registry keys.


A word of caution is in order here. Only those who have experience working with the Windows Registry should be using these commands. Otherwise problems may occur with the operating system.



Script Editor > Expand Registry Category > Registry Key



Choose a registry command

Select from the drop down list whether to create or delete a registry key.


Create Registry Key

Creates the specified Windows registry subkey in the key selected.


Delete Registry Key

Deletes the specified Windows key from the registry.



Registry Key

Select the registry path.  Either type in the full path or click on the Browse button to navigate the Registry to find the key needed.



Note: The Create Registry Key, Delete Registry Key, Write Registry Value and Delete Registry Value commands REQUIRE full Read/Write access to the registry in those areas that the user wishes to modify. The system administrator is responsible for assigning security permissions. Macro Express does not have the ability to modify Access Control Lists.




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