Read Only Prompt


This preference setting refers to Macro Express (.mex) files that have been set to a Read Only status. It may refer to opening a file through the File > Open File menu, loading a macro file during playback of a macro, or other times the .mex file is being accessed.


Note: If using the Load New Macro File command and the file to be loaded is a Read Only file, then the Default Action selected in this Preference panel will be used.



Macro Express Explorer > Options > Preferences > File System > Read Only Prompt




Prompt about read-only status on macro files
Select this option to have the program prompt for action when a read only .mex macro file is encountered. The following dialog opens allowing the user to select a course of action.





Default Action

If the Prompt option is not selected, then choose from one of the three default options discussed below. The action selected will occur each time a read only .mex macro file is encountered.


Leave the file as is

The read only status will be left as is. Macro Express will attempt to perform the requested action with the read only file.


Turn off the read-only flag

The read only status of the macro file is turned off, which will allow for editing of the macro file, etc.


Abort the operation

The function that Macro Express is attempting to do with the file will be aborted.