Play Video Clip


Use this function to incorporate the playback of .avi format video files into macros.




Script Editor > Expand Multimedia Category > Play Video Clip



File/Path Name

Click on the browse button to find the video file to play back in the macro. After finding the file, click on the Open button to insert the file into the File/Path Name box. Or manually type the file path and name into this field.


Play immediately

This option launches the AVI player and plays back the video.


Play immediately and close when finished

This option launches the AVI player, plays back the video and then closes the AVI player.



Note: When using this option, the macro cannot be stopped and the program cannot be closed until the video finishes.


Wait to play

This option loads the AVI player and waits until instructed (click on the Start button of the AVI player) to begin the video playback.




These options define the position on the screen where the AVI player will display during playback of the macro. Insert exact coordinates or use the Set Position Manually button to set the position. See the Window Positioning topic for additional information.