Networking Wizards


Below is a listing of each of the Networking wizards available.



Send an Email

Send Email and attachments to one or more recipients.


Send a set of instructions to a user. Prompt for user.

Send a message to a specific set of friends or associates. Prompt for message.

Send favorite pictures or other attachments.

Send data captured in the clipboard.



Go to a Web Page

Go to a web site or initiate an ftp download.


Go to a favorite web site.

Download the latest version of a software program



Work with a Network Drive

Connect, Disconnect or Toggle Network drives.


Access the network server or another computer

Make network connections temporary

Bypass Network Neighborhood



Dial-Up Networking

Connect and Disconnect to the Internet and other computers using Dial-Up Networking.


Quick one keystroke access to dialing up the Internet and hanging up the phone



Macro Express - Explorer > Quick Wizards Button > Networking