Log Errors


This command logs any errors that occur during the execution of a macro to a text file. When this command is encountered, an entry is immediately made in the error log file to indicate that a macro has started. Place this macro command as the first step in the macro script to ensure that the entry is made when the macro runs.



Script Editor > Expand Debug Category > Log Errors



A macro completion entry is made in the log file when the macro completes, indicating that the macro completed successfully. All entries are date/time stamped. This command is especially useful for unattended scheduled macros.


Optionally turn off the display of any error messages so that Macro Express is not stuck waiting for user intervention in cases where the macro runs unattended.



Use the Default Macro log

Select this option to have the error messages sent to the default file log. The default macro log folder can be set from Options > Preferences > File System - File Paths tab. Each macro is assigned its own individual log file.


If not using the Default Macro Log, then insert the file name and path to log the errors. Or click on the Browse button to locate the file.



Do not display error messages (only log them)

This option suppresses the display of Macro Express error messages during the playback of a macro. An error message typically requires user intervention to clear the message from the screen. The error message is sent to a log file for later review.