If Message


The If Message Command prompts users with a question during macro playback. The question that appears in the dialog box also displays two buttons below the question. The buttons can be set to Yes/No, OK/Cancel, True/False or User defined. This statement requires an ENDIF statement and can optionally use the ELSE statement.


Text Variables may be placed in the input fields of this screen. For example, place the variable T[1] in the message. To do this enter %T[1]% into the Message field.




Script Editor > Expand Logic Category > If Message




The caption is the text that appears in the Window Title bar of the message window created.




Insert the message or question to be posed into this field.




Select from four different button types. These are the labels for the buttons that appear with the message during macro playback. The button names selected should correspond with the type of question asked.


Yes and No

OK and Cancel

True and False

User Defined


The User Defined option creates custom labels, for use languages other than English, etc.



Default Button

Select which button is the default button when the message is displayed. The default button is highlighted so that pressing the Enter key will make the selection, rather than clicking with the mouse.



Delay (in seconds)

If a choice is not made within the number of seconds entered in this field, the macro continues by selecting the Default Button mentioned above.





Positioning the Message  Window

Position the message box on the screen. Insert exact coordinates or use the Set Position button to set where the window should appear during macro playback. See the Window Positioning topic for additional information.



Sample Macro


We'll create a simple example of how this command works. The If Message was created using the image shown above in this help topic.


When running the macro and you answer yes to the question, "Would you like to purchase additional copies of Macro Express?", you are taken to the order page on the Macro Express web site. If you answer no, then a text box displays with the message "Maybe I should rethink my answer".


Macro Script

If Message: "Become more Productive!"

  Web Site: https://www.macros.com/order.htm


  Text Box Display: Macro Express

End If