General Activation



Macro Express Explorer > Options > Preferences > Activation > General Tab



Auto restore the keyboard and mouse hooks

This feature automatically attempts to have Macro Express re-assert itself as the first program to take a look at the keystrokes passed through the Windows system wide keyboard hooks even if other programs are loaded that also use these keyboard hooks.


Typically this is not a problem unless a program is run *after* Macro Express and it uses the keyboard hooks and it places itself there in an improper fashion. When this occurs, keystrokes are no longer passed onto Macro Express and the Macro Express Hot Keys and Shortkeys suddenly fail to trigger macros.


This feature should automatically give Macro Express first looks at the keystrokes thus preserving the use of Macro Express Hot Keys and Shortkeys. In addition, because Macro Express properly passes on keystrokes through the chain of keyboard hooks, other programs will still function correctly.


The above also applies to the Windows mouse hooks.