This command assumes familiarity with operating FTP servers and clients.




Script Editor > Expand Internet Category > FTP ChMod




Select the filename to be edited.



You, Group, Other

Select the attributes for the file selected. Select file rights for yourself, your group and all others. Elect to make the file readable so that any of these three may have read rights to the file. Also elect to make this file writable, so that it may be edited by one or any of these three. Or make certain files executable so that others may be able to access the file and run it.


Place checks in the boxes or assign resulting numbers that would apply. When selecting the box, a number is automatically assigned below.



Response from Host:

The message generated by the FTP server, whether a success or failure message, is saved to the variable assigned. There are several ways to monitor the variable to determine the status of the operation.


1.Place the variable in a Text Box Display command to display the results at the end of the macro.

2.Use the Variable Modify String command to save the variable results to a text file for later review.

3.Send the results via email.



Note: Before using this function, the macro script first requires the FTP Site Connect command to connect to the site. When all FTP actions have been completed, use the FTP Site Disconnect command to disconnect from the site.