Export Macros


The import and export functions are a convenient way to transfer macros between Macro Express users. Use the Export command to save macros to a disk or drive. On another computer Import the macros from the disk, flash drive, or similar device.



Macro Express Explorer > File > Export > Export Macros


Please select the macros that you would like to export

To export macros, click on File > Export > Export Macros. A window opens showing all macros from the macro file currently in use. Highlight the macros to export.


Select All

This option highlights all macros in the file so that all are exported.



This option clears any highlighted macros so that none are exported until another selection is made.


Include the category information in the new file

This option saves the category information in the new file if the macros selected for export have been assigned to categories.


Please enter the name of the new macro file

Enter the name and file path of the file where the macros will be exported. Or click on the browse button to navigate to the location of the file to be saved.


Click OK to export to the new file. The file is saved as a Macro Express macro (.mex) file which can be opened directly by Macro Express using the File > Open File menu or the macros may be imported.



Note: If exporting a popup menu, all of the macros contained in the menu must also be exported. Most likely the menu will need to be rebuilt in the new file.