The Desktop commands provide a number of handy shortcuts for arranging the desktop. These commands are the same as those found in Windows by right clicking on a blank area of the Task Bar and selecting a function.


There is not an edit window available for these commands in the Editors. The commands are inserted directly into the script. From the Editor expand the Desktop category and double click on the command required.





Cascade Desktop Windows
*Command deprecated

Layers all open windows to display the caption bar of each window.

Tile Desktop Windows Horizontally

*Command deprecated

Arranges all open windows horizontally on the screen.

Tile Desktop Windows Vertically

*Command deprecated

Arranges all open windows vertically on the screen.

Minimize All Windows

Minimizes all active windows so that the desktop is visible.

Restore All Windows

Restores all windows to their original size from a minimized state.



*Deprecated Commands

Some macro commands have been designated as deprecated. These commands may be infrequently used, use out of date terminology, or are no longer supported by newer versions of Windows. In some cases deprecated macro commands have been replaced by new ones.


Deprecated commands are still supported in existing macros for backward compatibility. However, they may be removed from Macro Express in the future. Where possible we recommend that you avoid the use of deprecated macro commands.


By default deprecated commands are not displayed or accessible from the list of commands in the Macro Express Editor. To allow adding deprecated commands to a macro enable the Show deprecated commands option found in Options, Preferences, General - Misc tab.