Macro Express Features

Macro Express Pro provides numerous additional features designed for the advanced macro user. With no programming language or skills required you'll soon be saving time and gaining efficiencies using Macro Express Pro to perform your every-day tasks. It will allow you to automate and simplify practically any function on your computer. A few of the features are listed below.

Creating Macros

  • Over two dozen Quick Wizards
  • Record keystrokes and mouse
  • Create advanced macros with the Editors

Script Editor

  • Edit more than one macro at a time
  • Notes field for each command
  • Improved macro debugging features

Macro Activations

  • HotKey
  • Shortkey
  • Schedule
  • Window Title
  • Mouse Event
  • Popup/Floating Menus
  • Control Event
  • Plus others...


  • Text, Integer, Large Integer, Decimal & Control variables
  • Named variables
  • No limit to the number of variables available

Macro Commands

  • If/Then logic
  • Repeat loops to repeat sequences
  • Load programs or web sites
  • Manipulate files and folders
  • Create multiple choice menus
  • Insert text or specific keys
  • Timing options - delays, pauses & more
  • Full keyboard or mouse playback
  • Math calculations
  • Automate Windows system functions
  • Read data from files and transfer to other applications
  • Paste rich text into documents
  • Error handling
  • Over 800 commands available

Other Features

  • Create Categories for organizing macros
  • Silent install option for multi-user installation
  • Choose which applications a macro can run in
  • Enhanced password protection of macro files
  • No limit to the number of macros created
  • Support for ultra high definition monitors
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