More Macro Express Downloads

Use these optional files to customize or enhance Macro Express. Download the help, change advanced options and install more icons for use in your macros.

  Macro Express Pro help file 
Download the help file for Macro Express Pro in .pdf format (10.3 MB).
Download the Macro Express Pro Manual in MS Word (.docx) format (7.62 MB).

  SpeakIt - Text to Speech for Macro Express 
Speakit uses the Text to Speech feature built into Windows XP and Vista to allow macros to speak.

Speakit for Macro Express
It can be very helpful for a macro to indicate vocally which part of the macro is running. And, spoken error messages really grab the user's attention. In many cases spoken messages are preferable to text messages that pop up on your screen because when a message pops up, it can interfere with the macro.
Applies to Macro Express 3.

  Shared and Sample Macros 
Learn by Example.

Shared and Sample Macros
Download macros from our Shared Macros web page. Some macros in this collection were written by Insight Software Solutions and others were written by Macro Express users.

  Companion Products 
Do more with these products that enhance Macro Express:

PGM Functions Library™ is a collection of pre-designed, callable, reusable functions.
The PGM Functions Library™ has been Optimized for Macro Express but may be imported to Macro Express Pro.
Requires Macro Express 3 v 3.4 or later.

  Icon Collections 
Use these to assign unique icons to your macros and menus. Sample icons from these collections are installed along with Macro Express 3. These are the complete collections of icons created by various authors. Copyright information is found in the iconinfo.txt file included with each collection.

icons01.exe (Created: 1/14/05  Size: 287,712 bytes)
Ah-Me-Cons collection of icons.

icons02.exe (Created: 1/14/05  Size: 454,112 bytes)
Block OS collection of icons.

icons03.exe (Created: 1/14/05  Size: 235,488 bytes)
Futurist collection of icons.

icons05.exe (Created: 1/14/05  Size: 310,240 bytes)
KDE icons collection of icons.

icons07.exe (Created: 1/14/05  Size: 357,344 bytes)
Sputnik collection of icons.

icons08.exe (Created: 1/14/05  Size: 448,480 bytes)
Whistler XP collection of icons.

icons09.exe (Created: 1/14/05  Size: 1,590,240 bytes)
WinXP Set V6 collection of icons.

  Tweak Macro Express 3 
There are several useful options that cannot be adjusted from the Options menu in Macro Express 3. Tweak Macro Express 3 is a playable macro that allows these options to be changed. You may also want to study this macro as a sample demonstrating use of some advanced macro commands and techniques. Read more about these advanced options.
Not applicable to Macro Express Pro.

tweakme3.mxe (Created: 8/02/05  Size: 37,581 bytes)
Requires Macro Express v 3.5d or later.

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