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"After all these years, I still find Macro Express to be an extraordinary tool. One of my clients, who has upper body mobility impairments, uses dozens of my Macro Express scripts. The macros save her hours of drudgery every day. I once timed her performing a procedure with and without macros: 16 vs. 70 minutes! When I am working on my computer, I invoke Macro Express scripts constantly, hundreds, maybe thousands of times per day. I am kind of lost without Macro Express. So thank you for continuing to make an excellent product." --Alan Cantor, Cantor Access Inc.
"It's [Macro Express] been one of the most AMAZING programs I've ever used and now depend on it. Thank you for all your hard work!" --Dan R., AZ
"I love the program, I've been a user for many years, definitely one of the best pieces of software I have ever used!" --Robert R., MO
"I have been using Macro Express Pro for many years and it has saved me hundreds of hours, from printing out my signature to template letters. I could say that anyone not using this program is really missing out on an incredible tool, which works in any program from simple Notepad, Excel, Word and creating emails in Gmail." --Paul FitzGerald, CEO Richmond Oak Conservatories Ltd
"I have over 85 complex queries/reports/analyses that run every day and email out to 100's of recipients throughout the company. I would pay 10x the price you charge. People cannot believe the work output from my desktop. Thanks for an amazing productů MACRO EXPRESS makes me look really good!" --Todd H., NY
"I am a huge fan of Macro Express. I am running 82 custom macros, many of which are quite complex and I have had no trouble to date with the app, notwithstanding today's bump in the road which I am sure was not related to Macro Express. I would wholehearted recommend Macro Express to anyone who has repetitive tasks as means to substantially increase one's productivity." --Alex C., PA
"I was able to refine a manual hard-copy data entry process that averaged [from] 30 seconds to 2 minutes down to 7 seconds. [We] enter a simple invoice number and then Macro Express enters all data 'automamagically'." --Tlaloc R., CA  more information
"Director of Operations saw one of the many automation routines I created with the help of Macro Express and said to me, 'You are scary!'. Testimonial being, I was called scary but I still got to keep my job. Thank you, Insight Software, for helping turn what would/should normally be taken as a discouraging remark into a bona fide compliment! --Tlaloc R., CA

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