Macro Express made things fly when it came down to crunch time

Macro Express made things fly when it came down to crunch time. Our Accounting Dept. was responsible for entering thousands of receipts, manually, on a monthly basis… that was until Macro Express was introduced into their office environment. Essentially, with the help of Macro Express, I was able to refine a manual hard-copy data entry process of 7 unique values that averaged 30 seconds to 2 minutes down to 7 second soft-copy paperless process that only required the accounts payable clerk to enter a simple invoice number for Macro Express to reference and then allow Macro Express to enter all data (in conjunction with some spreadsheet formulas) 'automamagically'.

Multiply each of these respective data entry durations by a thousand and I'm certain you can appreciate the value added on a monthly basis as far as flexibility to perform other tasks go. Our Chief Financial Officer saw what had been created, told me they 'loved me' and proceeded to add his own compliment which was, "[Macro Express] allows you the ability to have some time to think about what you're doing".

Being able to gain some time to think is a luxury that not very many people who are swamped in hard copy payables can afford.

Tlaloc R., CA

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